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Sasha DiGiulian


I have been climbing since 1999. On average I train 2-3 hours each day, five days a week. I have traveled to over 15 countries to pursue my sport, both for competitions and to climb outside. Every year, my climbing has progressed to new levels and I challenge myself with new goals. Since a young age I have balanced my climbing life with my school life. This balance has taught me valuable time management skills. I have also learned a lot about the successes that hard work yields, and the necessity for determination and passion. I see myself living out my passion for climbing for the rest of my life.
I graduated from The Potomac School, in McLean, VA, and I will attend Columbia University in NYC in the fall of 2012. I value athletics and academics equally and in my opinion, an education will always be an integral part of shaping one’s character. The more I climb, the more my excitement for climbing increases. I wish to push my personal boundaries and pursue whatever it is that I am physically capable of during my career. I also wish to impart my love for climbing on others and to watch the sport develop and progress.

I am an Athlete Representative on the IFSC Board of Commission, an Outdoor Nation Ambassador, and an Athlete Ambassador for Right to Play. I earned the Golden Piton Award for Breakaway Success and have taught climbing clinics, created community-based fundraisers, and conducted lectures about my experiences through climbing.
In 2011 I won the Gold medal at the World Championships for female overall and I became the first North American woman to ever climb 9a (5.14d).

Sasha DiGiulian
Sasha DiGiulian


  • Birth-Date
    October 23, 1992
  • Birth-Place
    Alexandria, VA
  • Residence
  • Height
    5' 2"

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