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Marshall Miller


Before Marshall Miller was a world-class paraglider pilot, ski BASE jumper, and PRO-rated skydiver traveling the world in search of new unique places to take to the skies, he was an adventurous kid living with a prominent family at the mouth of Utah's American Fork Canyon. Marshall's father is legendary rock climber Kim Miller -- so, in Marshall's family, high-risk activities were a part of normal life. Kim taught Marshall mountain edict from a very early age, engendering a lifelong love and respect for the mountains, and Marshall himself went on to scale the infamous Swiss Matterhorn as an adult. Marshall picked up a paraglider for the first time in 1999 and discovered his life's purpose: flying. An aerial enthusiast with an infectious obsession with the sky, Marshall is most at home aloft. His skills include all facets of flying: paragliding, speed flying, wingsuiting, skydiving, BASE jumping (including ski BASE jumping) and kiting. Marshall is entirely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mountain sports (as well as his boundaries) and bringing the talent out in the athletes around him, both aspiring and established. "I love to share the stoke with my friends," he explains. "It's pretty humbling to share such unique and special moments through these incredible sports." Some of Miller's more recent achievements include taking 3 in the Red Bull Wings over Bear Lake Acro Paragliding Competition and racking up over a million viewers of viral video "Superior Speed Fly," which he shot and edited. In addition to his athletic pursuits, he also holds a BS in Business Finance from the University of Utah.A dedicated family man with a beautiful wife and two children, Marshall currently lives in Salt Lake City (where he recently BASE jumped from the iconic Church Office Building).

Marshall Miller
Marshall Miller
Marshall Miller
Marshall Miller
Marshall Miller


  • Birth-Date
    February 25, 1978
  • Birth-Place
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • Residence
    Alpine, UT
  • Height

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