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Ben Rueck


Growing up in Colorado I was incredibly fortunate to always lead an active life-style. Basketball, football, soccer, hiking, biking, swimming; all were in my bag of fun tricks to play with—but they never seemed to hold my interest for very long. I never found a drive or determination to grow within those sports. Then one fine day I managed to stumble across a climbing gym… I have been hooked ever since. It became a never ending puzzle that required (and still does) everything that I am too make it up to the next move… or sometimes even a centimeter past a high-point. For me it is incredibly satisfying to crank through problems that have stumped me for long-periods of time. Complex sequences, unruly cruxes, broken holds, flappers, blood- soaked tape all became a normal everyday occurrence to me in the backwoods boonies of Grand Junction; and from this a fire was kindled within that needed more to be satisfied. Pretty soon I was balancing college and climbing which was really frustrating at times; but I managed to finish my Bachelor’s in History. Education and rock-thumping became incredibly important to me during this time, each requiring a level of commitment and discipline that has taught me a lot about life and having healthy obsessions. After I graduated; climbing consumed me; though we never know the future… I plan on living my life in this balance of discipline and determination.


Ben Rueck
Ben Rueck
Ben Rueck
Ben Rueck


  • Birth-Date
    May 13, 1986
  • Birth-Place
  • Residence
    Grand Junction
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