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Mélissa Lacasse


I was born and raised in Montreal, Québec, in the French part of Canada. I have competed in many sports; gymnastics, karaté, diving, running and I finally found climbing when I was 16 years old. I started climbing mostly in the gym but, soon enough, I realized that climbing outside is what I prefer. After competing and training seriously in other sports for many years, I found that the vibe in climbing was quite relaxed. I remember being surprise at people’s friendliness; even your “rivals” would cheer for you! I thought that this sport was a good change for me and I stuck to it.

Since then, I travel as much as I can to climb and visit awesome places. More than the actual climbing, what I enjoy is the simple lifestyle; being outside all day and climb. It helps me to be present and not worry about anything (except maybe falling…). I love climbing, yet I do not like to talk about it. It is nice to meet people from different background and everyone is simply there to enjoy their day climbing. I like to surround myself by genuine and humble people.

Mélissa Lacasse
Mélissa Lacasse

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  • Birth-Date
    September 08, 1983
  • Birth-Place
    Montreal, Québec, Canada
  • Residence
    Montreal, Québec, Canada
  • Height
    5' 2"

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