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Delaney Miller


According to, rock climbing is simply a sport ofclimbingsheerrockysurfaces on thesides of mountains. To me, however, it is so much more. Climbing has changed my life; it has become a part of me. It is the most literal translation of how I live my life; always looking up and pursuing something higher. The sport has taught me how to have a positive attitude, how to be dedicated and committed to everything I do, and how to never stop striving to achieve something better. In this way, its not just a sport; its a lifestyle. I hope other people will discover this as well as the sport continues to grow. My love of climbing has taken me all over the world to compete in international competitions. It is my dream to one day win a rope world cup. Until then, I plan on training hard and inspiring others to strive to reach their goals as well.

Delaney Miller
Delaney Miller
Delaney Miller

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  • Birth-Date
    April 06, 1995
  • Birth-Place
    Dallas, TX
  • Residence
    Frisco, TX
  • Height
    5' 2"

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