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Climbing News

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09-04-2014 - 
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08-27-2014 - 
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Bike News

Teaching BMX in Hawaii - Brian Gavagan
Brian Gavagan
09-11-2014 - 
I had the pleasure of traveling to Hawaii for teaching BMX and skateboarding to kids living on US military...
IXS European Cup #6 Pila - Spela Horvat
Spela Horvat
09-08-2014 - 
Yet another podium at the IXS European cup in Pila, Italy and 5th place for me. I was aiming...
TEAM NORCO INTL. - 2014 World Cup Finals - Meribel, France - Jill Kintner
09-02-2014 - 
World Cup finals saw a new venue in a small mountain town of Meribel, set high in the French...
Projekt - 5 - MountainBikePark Javornik
Jan Porič
08-29-2014 - 
Mountain Bike Park Javornik was my next destination. I was riding with the man behind the park Sebastjan Stres....

Healing is a Painful Process - Nick Bradley

Healing is a Painful Process - Nick Bradley
Healing is a Painful Process - Nick Bradley
Healing is a Painful Process - Nick Bradley
May 19, 2013 - 

In my last post I mentioned at the end that I had a minor finger injury. Well as it turns out, that "minor injury" kept me out of climbing for a full month, and for the last three weeks I have been working my way back up to where I was. It's painful because of how badly I want to be where I used to be (stronger than ever before, and sending much more than I have) and I have to climb on only jugs at a very low level, or I will re-injure my finger. So far it has been two months since I hurt my finger, and I'm still far from healed. Nationals is coming up, and I am trying to stay optimistic. Stupid sprained pulley..


Anyway, since I have to qualify for Divisionals, Nationals, and so on, I had no choice but to compete at Regionals with a freshly injured middle finger. I managed to sneak my way into third. The competition was horrible for me, I was scared out of my mind of re-injury, and barely had any endurance. Good thing it was only Regionals, so I can take it as a learning experience and let it go to keep a clear head for the rest of the season.

Besides my unfortunately-timed injury, I had the privilege to test out the phenomenal, revolutionizing new Team VXi. Everything about this shoe is perfection, from the stickiness of the rubber, to the way it fits your foot. Though the name can be misleading since they are nothing like the previous Teams, the improvement is amazing. The first time I slipped these easy to put on shoes, I was instantly in love. Right away I started toe-hooking and heel-hooking everything that I could find, even the tiniest foot chips in the gym, and it would stick like I was using a jug. The heel stays on just fine, and doesn't slip out at all, and the design of the rubber on the top of the toe is just perfect for those tough toe hooks. The toe itself must be in love with the wall, because it just won't come off. I've never trusted my feet more. However, because they are so sticky they end up slippery after a few days once they collect enough dirt and chalk, but it's nothing a bit of water and a wash cloth won't fix, and then they're right back to their impossible stickiness.

The only downside currently, is that I am unable to try them outdoors due to my finger injury. The VXi were made to stick to the glassiest holds, which you will often find outdoors. I'm anxious to go try the projects that I've struggled with because of the feet, but I suppose it will have to wait. Thanks Five Ten, for helping your loyal Five Ten Team take such a huge step to the future or climbing.

Photo credit: Eric Sanchez

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Featured News

Climbing in Ceuse! - Delaney Miller
08-27-2014 - 
After competing in Briancon, I went slightly north to climb on the famous mountain of the Hautes-Alps, Ceuse. I...
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