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Trad Climbing in Zion - Angela Payne

Trad Climbing in Zion - Angela Payne
November 03, 2014 - 

I’ve spent a good portion of 2014 competing and bouldering, as I have done for many years. Last week, however, I stepped away from the boulders and competitions and into a different realm of climbing for a moment. I wanted to learn some trad climbing basics, so that if I find myself in a beautiful place in the future with the opportunity to climb something bigger, I might eventually be able to take advantage of it. To begin the learning process, I headed to Zion National Park with a fellow Mountain Hardwear athlete, Cheyne Lempe. ...

Times of change - Mayan Smith-Gobat

Times of change - Mayan Smith-Gobat
March 23, 2014 - 

The last two months have slipped past incredibly quickly... I have been enjoying having a house and the structure of a training program for a bit. It is amazingly nice to add a touch of routine to my otherwise transient and unpredictable life. Winter in the desert has been amazing this year, with beautiful sun-filled days and perfect temperatures for climbing in the sun. A nice change from hiding in the shade, as we climbers generally do to get good conditions for most of the year.

What Running Injuries Can Teach Me About Climbing - Jess Taverna

What Running Injuries Can Teach Me About Climbing - Jess Taverna
December 03, 2012 - 

Yesterday, I was supposed to run my first marathon. Over the last few years, I’ve run a bunch of half marathons and a 17 mile mountain race, but I’ve never gone the full distance. Having grown up in Boston, the allure of marathoning has been strong since before I ran my first race; with an inherent competitive fire and nostalgia for my hometown, running a marathon is always framed within the context of running fast enough to then go run Boston.

Moonlight Buttress in a Day and Other Desert Foolery - Steve Richert

Moonlight Buttress in a Day and Other Desert Foolery - Steve Richert
April 30, 2012 -  Steve Richert

Project 365 has been a struggle, climbing every day without a day off, but currently I have logged 27,200 vertical feet in 103 consecutive days climbing. Over the better part of April, we have been in Zion NP, getting reacquainted with the hardship of the desert, making big strides and learning humility.

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