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Springtime Paddling in CO - David Farkas

Springtime Paddling in CO - David Farkas
March 29, 2012 - 

In the valley north of Durango lies a kayak run in a tight and deep gorge...the Middle Box and Baker's Box sections of the Animas River.  In here you'll find tight and twisting turns, steep drops, boulder gardens with many lines and many boofs, along with pushy rapids leading into sieves.'s committing yet with this commitment, a great sense of accomplishment always follows.

A Heads Up in the Swiss Alps - Mariann Sæther

A Heads Up in the Swiss Alps - Mariann Sæther
February 09, 2012 -  Mariann Sæther

It was finally time to again embrace the snow and dig out my skis from the shed, after years of being neglected. The occasion was a winter stay in the Swiss Alps, riding powder and finding new challenges off the water.. and I succeeded.. This winter has been one amazing winter wonderland fairy tale. After I made it back from Peru, the hills were lacking snow in Switzerland. Then, the heaven opened up and delivered the goods for a month straight. Holy, moly powder days! I put my snowboard on the shelf the year I started kayaking...

Slippery When Wet: GoPro Hero Reel - Shon Bollock

Slippery When Wet: GoPro Hero Reel - Shon  Bollock
January 06, 2012 - 

So life has finally mellowed out a little after a busy quarter of film school at UC Santa Cruz. I am on my way up to Mt. Shasta for the holidays and stoked to have a little time off. GoPro has been a pinnacle sponsor in the progression of Shasta Boyz and after almost of 6 years working together our relationship continues to grow. I have watched this company expand from 3 people to a multi national corporation in just a half decade. Impeccable customer service and an unbeatable product, GoPro continues to push the progression action sports videography...

Into the Abyss - Mariann Sæther

Into the Abyss - Mariann Sæther
November 13, 2011 -  Mariann Sæther

The Apurimac is one of the most famous rivers of South America. Known as the source of the Amazon, it has been kayaked and rafted for decades already. However, it is below the commercial section that the Abyss awaits. This is where the walls close in, where the canyon is at its deepest, and where you can feel the magic of the Incas as you are granted safe passage, paddling the powerful waters of the Acombamba Abyss.

Gear Review: Five Ten Water Tennie - Kim Russell

Gear Review: Five Ten Water Tennie - Kim Russell
October 31, 2011 -  Kim Becker (Russell)

As a whitewater kayaker, it is not uncommon to be found walking along a slick rock river bank, or climbing down a steep embankment to the river -- all the while carrying a 60 lb kayak on your shoulder. One wrong move and it is all too easy to slip into the river, or take a fall. Therefore, when it comes to kayaking, I am picky about my paddling shoes and the rubber I choose to wear on my feet.

Black Canyon National Park - David Farkas

Black Canyon National Park - David Farkas
October 19, 2011 - 

I am so psyched!!! I just did a rock and paddle combo at the Black Canyon National Park in Colorado. One weekend of paddling with friends from Durango, and another weekend of climbing with my girlfriend. The "Black's" totally awesome for kayaking...a committing 2-day kayak trip with excellent grade IV/V whitewater, long and burly portages, prehistoric poison ivy (I'm talking head high plants with bark and berries) and a fantastic camp with epic trout fishing. The climbing...old school multi-pitch trad. Each route crosses the spectrum of possibilities when it comes to rock quality. Some pitches are on solid rock...


From the Andes mountains to the Amazon jungle - Mariann Sæther

From the Andes mountains to the Amazon jungle - Mariann Sæther
October 19, 2011 -  Mariann Sæther
The rio Paucartambo flows from the high Andes mountains, through countless of canyons, until its...
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