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Whitewater in Washington State - David Fusilli

Whitewater in Washington State - David Fusilli
August 12, 2013 - 

Kayaking in the Northwest is all about crystal clear water and big drops. On this recent mission we where able to run several great drops with great people! After weeks of great freestyle paddling in Colorado and Idaho demshitz where all fired up to get back into our creek boats. Everyone was ready to charge! Our first stop was the Leavenworth area where we tackled Exit rapid at good flow. Pretty stout rapid, but all went well expect for Bren blowing his skirt and swimming for a quarter mile. Next on the hit list was Log Choke...

Why girls have plenty of guts...

Why girls have plenty of guts...
February 21, 2013 -  Mariann Sæther

I just got asked again if I am crazy. I am not crazy. I was not born with big balls, I was born with no balls! I do not believe that anybody was born with a “tough”- gene. Everybody that run class five have all worked hard to gain confidence and to build courage. The truth is that nothing comes for free in this world. Not even big balls.What I have found in kayaking is an element in which I can play to such an extent that the fuzz of the world around me goes quiet. What you find...

Demshitz Talks Away on the Toxaway River in North Carolina - David Fusilli

Demshitz Talks Away on the Toxaway River in North Carolina - David Fusilli
November 06, 2012 - 

Toxaway, this river is one I have been wanting to get on for a while. If you don't know of the Toxaway it consists mainly of slides. Some of which are pretty damn long and steep with some rather scary seal launches. I heard it was going to be running so started searching out some partners in crime. It started out as myself and Matt Anger and quickly grew to a group of five. Mack Magee, Clay Lucas and at the last minute Gareth Tate joined our crew. The banks of the Toxaway are made of very smooth granite...

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