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Crisp Air is on the Move - Sam Hayden

Crisp Air is on the Move - Sam Hayden
September 30, 2014 - 

Fall temps have begun and project list is growing.  We've had several nights in the 20's and beautiful sunny days in the 50's and 60's. We have projects at DEKD, Sunny Valley, and the brand new zone that has yet to be named. I'm feeling strong, training hard and have been getting outside on rock after a long hot summer.

Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden

Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden
August 26, 2013 - 

I'm finally feeling back up to the strength I was at before I broke my tibia last August. I can't believe it's taken this long. Throughout the entire process I have kept climbing but the leg never felt like it was back up to speed until now. Comp season for bouldering last fall was a wash due to the broken bone and then I came down with a bug at regionals and attempted to climb with a high fever...didn't work out so well!The last 6 months I've been focused on getting back up to full strength,...

Up Rock, Down Rock, Broken in the End - Sam Hayden

Up Rock, Down Rock, Broken in the End - Sam Hayden
October 10, 2012 - 

My summer has been pretty interesting, fractured my knee, biked quite a bit, and found some new rock. In recovery right now from my broken knee...avulsed my tibia where the ACL connects biking with a friend on a paved road. I had surgery a week after the accident and they screwed me back together. Since then I’ve been training upper body and core like crazy and have been able to do some one footed climbing the last two weeks. Hopefully I’ll be doing the ABS comp at Petra Cliffs in two weeks, though I’ll...

Colorado trip and Limestone Cave Bouldering in Vermont!! - Sam Hayden

Colorado trip and Limestone Cave Bouldering in Vermont!! - Sam Hayden
May 20, 2012 - 

Colorado trip and a fantastic day bouldering at the recently found limestone cave in central Vermont! A little slow getting to this post spring has been busy! The trip out to Colorado in April was a blast! Climbed at the Kluttergarden in Redcliff, Boulder Canyon, Wolcott, and Unaweep. Got closer on my projects in Boulder Canyon...but couldn't quite get them in the one day we had there. The Kluttergarden was amazing in Redcliff! Fantastic stone, nice movement, secluded beautiful climbs! If you are heading down I70 west then make a...

Working Projects and Heading to Colorado! - Sam Hayden

Working Projects and Heading to Colorado! - Sam Hayden
April 01, 2012 - 

Typical mixed March weather in Vermont! 80 degrees last week and 20 degrees this week. The snow is melted off all of my projects and I've been making progress on a couple. A few new FA's last week at the DEKD boulders and one at a new area we discovered. We've been finding ton's of new boulders within a few miles of our house...all gneiss...solid well featured stone! I'm posting some pics of the new finds and a video of a couple FA's and some work on a project.On Tuesday we head out to...

Pumped to be with 5.10! - Sam Hayden

Pumped to be with 5.10! - Sam Hayden
January 26, 2012 - 

Excited to be part of the team! Climbing in the northeast in the winter can be a challenge...this winter has been great for climbing and challenging for snow sports. I've been able to climb outside almost every week and have been training inside 3-4 days per week. Pawtuckaway has been great! Hoping to get there again next week and also looking to get down to the Gunks and Lincoln Woods soon. I'll be snowshoeing out to some of my local projects, cleaning the snow off and ticking them off my list in the near...

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