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Summertime Reflections - Francesca Metcalf

Summertime Reflections - Francesca Metcalf
August 28, 2014 - 

This summer mostly revolved around an internship and classes, but I was lucky enough to be able to attend some of the biggest comps of the season in the US. Since I placed 8th at ABS Open Nationals, I qualified to compete at the World Cup held in Vail, Colorado. I have competed at this World Cup multiple times, and it's always a blast, not just because of the climbing, but because of all of the other events that take place at the same time and the Vail is a really fun town to hang out at. This year...

GoPro Games - Delaney Miller

GoPro Games - Delaney Miller
June 17, 2014 -  Delaney Miller

Climbing in Vail two weeks ago was unbelievable. In one cliché, yet fitting word, Vail is magical. It has everything you could ever want in a city (except cheap food), and more importantly, it brings everyone together for one heinous weekend. I wouldn’t call myself a boulderer. I’ve always enjoyed lead climbing way more and, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a static climber and consequently struggle with some of the more dynamic movements that inevitably compose boulder problems. But, that being said, the Bouldering World Cup in Vail is probably one of my favorite events of the year! I...

Let the Epics Begain - Nicholas Milburn

Let the Epics Begain - Nicholas Milburn
July 01, 2013 - 

First off I would like to apologize on the lateness of this blog. I have been rather busy with travel and what not. Earlier this month I climbed in my first world cup in Vail, Colorado in the GoPro Mountain Games! My first day in Vail fellow Five Ten athlete Brendan Mitchell and I rode our unicycles around and Brendan showed me Vail. I had never been to Vail before, so I had no idea what the lay out was. We did some fun street riding, signed up for the citizen’s competition, and did some dangerous things. The...

Vail World Cup - Francesca Metcalf

Vail World Cup - Francesca Metcalf
June 26, 2013 - 

Two years ago, when I moved to Georgia, climbing and I had a bit of a falling out. I never actually stopped climbing all together, but I would only go to the gym once or twice a week, and when I was there, well.. there were other places that I'd rather be. This year, I made a point to not try hard in the gym. I would go with my friends and hang out, goof off, and every once and a while, I would try a boulder problem. I made climbing something it had never been to me- a...

Vail World Cup - Angela Payne

Vail World Cup - Angela Payne
June 16, 2013 - 

The Bouldering World Cup in Vail is always one of my favorite events of the year.  The competition is part of a larger event, formerly known as the Teva Mountain Games, now known as the GoPro Mountain Games.  I remember the days when the competition at the Teva Games was held on a small mushroom-shaped boulder in a parking lot, so it is pretty neat to see how much the event has grown over the years.  Now, the World Cup attracts an incredibly strong field of competitors from various countries.  

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