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The Ginger Squirrel Diaries: Making a Dream Reality - Nathan J Jones

The Ginger Squirrel Diaries: Making a Dream Reality - Nathan J Jones
December 11, 2013 -  Nathan J Jones

“When the daylight comes, do you feel it? Leave your bag of bones, Underneath your bed, Everything is as, It should be, I’m leaving now, As I should be….” My morning alarm song “No Way” by The Naked and Famous was playing and there certainly was no daylight outside.  Although I didn’t realise it yet.  Today was going to be a special day.  Today, a dream would come to life. 

Nathan J Jones - The Ginger Squirrel Diaries: Intro

Nathan J Jones - The Ginger Squirrel Diaries: Intro
September 11, 2013 -  Nathan J Jones

This little ginger was born and raised in Australia far, far, far away from any big mountains. Surfing was my life. But the desire to chase human flight has led me away from my comfort zone and into a foreign land.Step one was skydiving. Once I learnt to skydive I started the slave labour trade of packing parachutes to support my new addiction. Now a little over 3 years down the track from my first ever skydive I'm learning to charge the mountains in my wingsuit.For sure this fast-tracked method isn't exactly what people recommend and...

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