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Dome Mids- A Shoe Review - Colette McInerney

Dome Mids- A Shoe Review - Colette McInerney
September 24, 2012 - 

If anyone has been to the Canadian Rockies for climbing they likely know about the one thing in the area that is just as memorable as the rock, the hiking. Most cliffs are a 45-minute hike minimum, and many dip into the hour and a half, to two-hour range. Yeah, phew. I get tired just reading that! So even though I had begged and pleaded to get my hands on the Five Ten’s new Dome mid’s I found myself scared to take the shoe switch plunge on Acephale’s super steep, rock-rolling, tree-stump riddled, t-shirt drenching approach. Especially since I...

Anasazi Arrowhead Review - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Anasazi Arrowhead Review - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
June 26, 2012 - 

The Anasazi Arrowhead is a very technical cat feet, since I discovered the hand of Five Ten put it in the bedroom for those problems that bouldering when I need a good score and go up those inches that I need to get to a dam . Here we analyze the performance of this cat feet. On the website of Five Ten will find this description: "The elite team of climbers has only praise for the adjustment of Arrowhead and performance. Built on our Anasazi last 4G immediately feel the difference at the base of the shoe making toe...

Product Review - Five Ten Savant - David Farkas

Product Review - Five Ten Savant - David Farkas
April 06, 2012 - 

I was on a High Sierra run hiking back up to do another lap on a Tea Cup section shouldering my kayak when my foot slipped and I augured 100+ ft. down back into the river. Sliding on the granite watching my kayak fly into the air and into the river, I swore that day to get a pair of shoes that would never slip. Enter 5.10. Using their shoes for rock climbing, I figured they had to have a sweet kayak shoe. I picked up a pair of Savants and the rest as it’s...

Autumn photoshooting - Cristiano Guarco

Autumn photoshooting - Cristiano Guarco
November 05, 2011 -  Cristiano Guarco

The tough and capable enduro race rig VS the explosion of autumn colors. With the Maltese Falcon shoes. Spot: Monte San Vito - Italy

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