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Chasing Classics - Mirko Caballero

Chasing Classics - Mirko Caballero
January 27, 2014 -  Mirko Caballero

Every climber has to find his own personal way to psych and happiness. For some it's big wall trad climbing in Yosemite, and for others it might be hard bouldering in Hueco Tanks. For me bouldering and sport climbing have always seemed to be the purest forms of the sport. The goal is just pure difficulty and endurance, and to push the limits of your own ability farther and farther. I tried a little big wall climbing last spring, but I must admit that I don’t get as psyched on it. Don’t get me wrong, standing atop a big...

Moab in the Spring - Max Kuszaj

Moab in the Spring - Max Kuszaj
April 29, 2013 - 

Well, now that the winter has slowly come to an end, the warm weather is more than welcome for me here in Utah. This weekend I was able to head down to central Utah, Moab to be exact for some BASE jumping and summer-like atmosphere...and most importantly, trade-in my Dalbello ski boots for my Five Ten 5/10 Dome hiking shoes. I can not describe how amazing it felt to be back at Mineral Bottom, Castle Valley and the surrounding Moab red rock play land. I am ready to turn back around and head straight back there...

Red Rock Rendesvouz - Andres Marin

Red Rock Rendesvouz - Andres Marin
April 11, 2012 - 

I just came back from Red Rocks. Where I had the opportunity to climb hang out with some friends and off course be part of the RRR, this being my 5 year going to the event. My clinics where a total success and both days they where full!!! People where super psyched to learn how to climb cracks and off withs, and we all had a great times getting our knees, arms and hole bodies stuck in wide cracks. The grandstones and the Anasazi high top where the weapon of choice for the mission. Can't...

2012 Red Rocks Rendezvous - Chris Schulte

2012 Red Rocks Rendezvous - Chris Schulte
April 07, 2012 - 

The 2012 Red Rocks Rendezvous came for me on the tail end of the Ride with the Rep tour that Ronnie Jenkins and I made- I was home for two days before packing up and heading down to Vegas for the following week. The days all kind of drift into an experience undivided after a time. I’ve been living in three separate time zones over the last month, never mind daylight savings. Back home now, I’m shoveling through piles of laundry, cleaning out the car, and trying to get the sprinklers working to water the greening tufts sprouting up...

Red Rocks and Las Vegas - Natasha Barnes

Red Rocks and Las Vegas - Natasha Barnes
January 09, 2012 - 

Max and I decided to spend New Years Eve in Bishop. We spent the day climbing at the Happy Boulders–which I haven’t been to in years! I came really close to sendingThe Hulk (reachyyyy V6) with some weird beta and Acid Wash Right (V9)…but I didn’t.Max sent Kill On Sight (V11), Acid Wash (V10), Toxic Avenger (V9/10), and The Hulk(V6). He also sent two climbs that are on Urban Climber’s top 100 list, Atari (V6) which is #71 and Heavenly Path (V1) which is #16. His goal is to do all the climbs on the list. He has done...

2012 Red Rock Rendezvous

2012 Red Rock Rendezvous
November 09, 2011 -  Red Rock Rendezvous

Red Rock Rendezvous is the country's largest outdoor climbing festival. There are clinics for all climbers, regardless of skill level. The beautiful backdrop of the Red Rock Canyon, located 30 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, brings climbers from across the globe to experience the Rendezvous. Some are here for the first time, others haven’t missed a year. Registration is now open!

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