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Strong Start to the Season - Eric Sethna

Strong Start to the Season - Eric Sethna
December 02, 2013 - 

Hello from Banff, Alberta!For the first time in three years I’m back living in my home town! I’m currently working remotely for a Silicon Valley start-up company, and being able to do all my work on a laptop from anywhere in the world is a pretty epic lifestyle change. I choose my own hours and that opens up plenty of opportunities to meld my work schedule with my climbing needs. I’m finishing school in April, so I have some major life decisions to make in the next 6 months. Having no ties and no preferences makes it difficult to...

Making a Recovery - Eric Sethna

Making a Recovery - Eric Sethna
April 15, 2013 - 

Tour De Bloc season 10 has come to a close with Nationals being held last weekend at Rock Jungle Fitness in Edmonton, Alberta. The sad part is that I wasn't able to go. In fact, I haven't been able to go to any competitions this season, with the exception of the season opener in November. Very unfortunately, I've been battling a serious finger injury which has kept me from competing for over 5 months. A nasty amalgamation of a pulley tear, tendon inflammation, joint discomfort, and a stubborn mentality to continually push my body’s limits has resulted in a...

My Appendix - Riley Joyce

My Appendix - Riley Joyce
October 28, 2012 - 

The pain of a stomach ache. The pain throughout my body was powering over. Laying in bed wondering what I should do. I finally fell asleep. Monday the 22, I drove myself to the hospital. Soon enough I figured out the pain I was having was not just a stomach ache. It was my appendix that burst. They rushed me into surgery that hour. It was the first surgery I have every had. I woke up from my surgery with the doctor in my face telling me that it was all done. Then they...

Recovery Work - Erica Carlson

Recovery Work - Erica Carlson
October 11, 2012 -  Erica Carlson

For any athlete, recovery is incredibly important. Without it you risk injury or further worsening a pre-existing condition. Sadly, it’s the one area we all seem to actively overlook. Normally, I see a fellow climber that does my physio and some needling work. I also work with a former competitive gymnast turned climber for massage therapy. I feel it’s important to be choosy with who does your recovery work and to know what someone is working on, how they plan to work on it and why. Asking questions is the easiest way to ensure you are being given proper...

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