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Psicocomp in Park City, Utah - Delaney Miller

Psicocomp in Park City, Utah - Delaney Miller
August 23, 2013 - 

A couple weeks ago I competed in the Psicocomp in Park City, Utah. It was incredible! I’ve never been to a more exciting competition. The competition consisted of two identical routes side by side on a 52 foot wall that stood over a 10 foot deep pool. Two climbers went at a time and the climber that got further on the route or got to the highest point the fastest advanced to the next round. The finals round began with 16 women and 16 men ready to give it their all and take some narley falls. The energy in...

Psicobloc Competition in Park City, Utah - Angela Payne

Psicobloc Competition in Park City, Utah - Angela Payne
August 16, 2013 - 

I’m not always great at the juggling act, but I’m always entertained, if nothing else! The past month has been full of excitement. After returning from Alaska, I was home for a short stint, then headed out to Salt Lake for the annual Summer Outdoor Retailer show and the inaugural Psicobloc Competition in Park City. I know what to expect for the most part when I attend the trade show each year, but I had no idea what I was getting into with the deep water soloing competition. Aside from jumping off some...

Go with the Flow, Fight the Force - Colette McInerney

Go with the Flow, Fight the Force - Colette McInerney
August 13, 2013 - 

Turns out I’m a pretty terrible procrastinator. I’ve decided that’s why I’m drawn to climbing, production and traveling. These are things that demand you to be in the moment, make decision without hesitation, trust your gut instinct and inevitably learn from the fuckups they sometimes lead to.I spent my entire summer practicing positive thought, not taking anything too seriously and letting life pull my focus in the right direction for this moment in time. I tried to make sure I didn’t do the same thing I do every summer on the Western Slope, which is obsess about a rock...

Road Trip Post 6: Psicocomp and My First 5.14! - Vikki Weldon

Road Trip Post 6: Psicocomp and My First 5.14! - Vikki Weldon
August 12, 2013 - 

As many Five Ten athletes have already alerted the masses, there was a pretty amazing competition held in Park City, UT last week. I remember first learning of the event on Facebook a few months before. Deep water solo competition! 50 foot wall above a pool of water at the Olympic Park in Park City. How could I resist? I have fallen out of the competition scene in the last few years. After over 12 years of competition, I burnt out from the stress, the training and the injuries. I have instead chosen to focus my goals in outdoor...

Psicoblog Masters in Park City, Utah! - Jon Cardwell

Psicoblog Masters in Park City, Utah! - Jon Cardwell
August 07, 2013 - 

In case you haven't heard, there was a climbing competition in Utah recently. Much more than a competition, I would call the first ever Psicobloc Master Series in the United States a demonstration. If you've weaved through the plethora of media surrounding the event via twitter, facebook and now the ever growing Instagram; a swift referral to the hashtag #psicocomp and you're able to view basically everything there is to see about the comp in Park City.The wall was set up by Walltopia over an Olympic training pool for ski jumpers, with Chris Sharma leading the vision of...

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