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Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz

Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz
March 20, 2013 -  Five Ten

This past week was pretty amazing.  I got a new GT Fury and headed to the dessert for the first Pro GRT with my girlfriend, Allison Oliver and good friend Mikey Sylvestri.  I took a few days off along the way to ride my new whip in Virgin, UT and Bootleg Canyon, NV.  Thanks to Allison, we ended up with some fun shots that I thought I would share with the Five Ten nation.

Summer of Shred - Christian Wright

Summer of Shred - Christian Wright
September 11, 2012 -  Christian Wright

Great Summer of riding- hit up the Claymore Challenge, Colorado Freeride Festival, Northstar ProGRT and Crankworx. Loved my Five Tens and even won the fastest rider on flats in the Colorado Freeride Festival Enduro. I been training on My Stumpjumper Evo 29er with my Greg Minnarrs clip shoes. Race 5 events at Crankworx Whistler Speed and Style, Pumptrack, Air DH, Dual Slalom and the Whip Off. Hit up the Lumber yard indoor skatepark in Portland, Oregon and just did some filming at Woodward Tahoe. #specialized #sram #enve #novatec #exdrinks #fiveten #smithoptics #thesensus...

Highland Pro GRT and National Champs - Brian Buell

Highland Pro GRT and National Champs - Brian Buell
August 28, 2012 -  Brian Buell

I finally felt compelled to raise my fists in celebration after I crossed the finish line. I didn’t come across the line in first, so why celebrate as I did especially in this society where if your not first your last? It has been a while since I put together a run that I was truly happy with and proud to call my own. Even if I ended up in 15th place, I would have been pleased with my performance.

Pro GRT Finals Race Update - Kevin Aiello

Pro GRT Finals Race Update - Kevin Aiello
August 09, 2012 - 

The last race of the season landed us at Northstar at Tahoe to wrap up the USA Cycling Pro GRT National Series. KHS Factory Racing decided to head up north a few days early to get some training in and acclimatize to the altitude. After a few lung burnin’ xc rides we decided to hop on the DH 300’s and go check out the mountain and get some practice runs under our belt. The track was fairly long with tons of flow, lots of pumice corners, and some good rock sections that kept you on your toes...

Northstar Pro GRT August 4th - Adrienne Schneider

Northstar Pro GRT August 4th - Adrienne Schneider
August 05, 2012 - 

Final Round of the Pro Gravity Tour (Northstar); Jackie Harmony 1st, Adrienne Schneider 2nd, Gabriella Williams 3rd, Robyn Embry 4th, Tasa Herndon 5th.

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