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Photos Petzl Roc Tip Photo Contest - Michel Kleinjan

Photos Petzl Roc Tip Photo Contest - Michel Kleinjan
August 22, 2012 -  Michel Kleinjan

I'm a full time climber again. Quit my job, sold my house and I climb as much as possible. To live like this, when you're 41, is an 'out of the box' style and I'm always keen on climbing oppertunities. Here's one provided by Petzl: send us your best climbing picture an we'll get you to the Petzl roc trip in Argentina. If your fellow climbers vote on your picture, you win the trip. So if you believe you can climb full time at your 40's you can believe you win this Photo contest. And oh,...

Fraser Britton - That's a Lot of Gear...

Fraser Britton - That's a Lot of Gear...
February 10, 2012 -  Fraser Britton

I get asked often how much gear a photographer has to have shoot a typical MTB event. You don't have to have anything. You can go out and have a great ride with your buddies and use your iphone to shoot a few memories and be stoked. I've even sold a couple of images shot on cell phones. You use the equipment you have at hand, right? Of course, I generally take a bit more than that to an event half-way around the world (although sometimes I wish I didn't have to.) Take a look inside to see what...

The Off-Season - Fraser Britton

The Off-Season - Fraser Britton
January 03, 2012 -  Fraser Britton

The Off-Season is here! A couple of months off after traveling around the world for 10 months is always a great thing. Catch up with friends, get back on the bikes and let your liver detox. On the North Shore it also means monsoon season arrives with daily deluges of 40-50mm of rain.  Mud spikes go one and the 5.10s are kept perpetually soaking wet and muddy. Actually to be honest, this isn't much of a change from World Cup season, come to think of it.

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