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News From Last Month - Niccolò Ceria

News From Last Month - Niccolò Ceria
December 06, 2013 -  Niccolò Ceria

Hi everybody, Five weeks have gone from the end of my trip in Prilep and the training period has started again. After Macedonia my physical shape dropped down and I wasn't able to keep me hang. After the return, I decided to stay off the training since I felt tired and I felt to have given a lot of energies to brush and to climb in Prilep. I opted to climb outdoor in few occasions and to relax me as much as I can before restarting to the use fingerboards and so on. I went twice to Gaby, the...

Rocklands 2013, South Africa - Niccolò Ceria

Rocklands 2013, South Africa - Niccolò Ceria
August 28, 2013 -  Niccolò Ceria

This summer I spent five weeks in the famous bouldering location of Rocklands. After some years of waiting, the day of the flight arrived and I was motivated to go to climb in this place which is described like a paradise by every climber. I was anyway a bit insecure about this trip since too climbers crowed the place and some people doesn't do anything else that speak about a beta or about a numbers and performances by other climbers in the place. In fact, this behavior was quite present but not so much as I thought. The place...

"The Crackline" 8B and "Tai Lung" 8A+ - Niccolò Ceria

"The Crackline" 8B and "Tai Lung" 8A+ - Niccolò Ceria
March 06, 2013 -  Niccolò Ceria

Hi! As I previously wrote on February the 10th, these last weeks has been set for a period of Pan gullich and it was fine devoting twice per week to this kind of training which is probably my favorite one. With the new holds assembled at the end of January, I can train more campus moves than in the previous sessions, In fact I was motivated to start. I usually did eight exercises for each session using four different holds. Every exercises was repeated for three times for each arms, resting 30 seconds for the change of arm. Between...

Mithril and the Beginning of a New Year - Niccolò Ceria

Mithril and the Beginning of a New Year - Niccolò Ceria
January 09, 2013 -  Niccolò Ceria

Hi everybody! After this period of festivity I write a blogspot to tell about Mithril and new projects which I would like to try during this winter, although the temperatures in these days seem more like vernal. The fall in Ticino was really empty of successes concerning my goals set at the end of the summer, but the year ended beautifully for me. After the lines climbed in Varazze and in Donnas I came back once to Cresciano to find a project to work. This was Mithril, a little roof just below “la prou”, opened by Dave Graham years...

Bouldering in Varazze and Donnas (ITA) - Niccolò Ceria

Bouldering in Varazze and Donnas (ITA) - Niccolò Ceria
December 16, 2012 -  Niccolò Ceria

Hi there! After a month and over my blog reborn with new words about my bouldering adventures. The main topic is about the first half of December, since in November no important things happened. In fact November was a month of training except some little rock times with poor results. I had three weeks really full of mixed training sessions, with 6/7 sessions per week, by using different kind of trainings like fingerboard, pan gullich, climbing gym, a bit of rock and in addition of these things also three or four hours of stretching per week. After this period...

Murgtal in a Day - Niccolò Ceria

Murgtal in a Day - Niccolò Ceria
October 29, 2012 -  Niccolò Ceria

Hi, I want to dedicate a paragraph to tell about an incredible and great day in Murgtal. Murgtal is the valley of Murg, a little village situated on a small peninsula of the walan’s lake, in the north-est of Swiss. Once passed it, a road follows the valley until another cool lake among the mountains and the place is beautiful to watch as I described on the last blogspot. The rock is verrucano, which usually doesn’t give to climbers a good quality of rock and holds, But some gems are scattered in those woods and few of them present...


A Week in Valais - Niccolò Ceria

A Week in Valais - Niccolò Ceria
October 12, 2012 -  Niccolò Ceria
Hi everybody, This blog spot will be mainly dedicated to describe my week in Valais,...

Silvretta File and L'Aquila Climbing Festival - Niccolò Ceria

Silvretta File and L'Aquila Climbing Festival - Niccolò Ceria
August 24, 2012 -  Niccolò Ceria
Hi guys I have finally decided to write a personal blog where I can...
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