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Fall Time, Area A, WolvoLand - Isabelle Faus

Fall Time, Area A, WolvoLand - Isabelle Faus
October 04, 2013 - 

I have been in colorado for two months now, and finally after some extremely hot and then extremely rainy weather the conditions are finally getting better. I have been limited to climbing a lot in Lincoln Lake and Area A because most of the other areas are closed due to the flooding and the recent government shut down. Even with all the clousers I have been able to get in some good days the last couple weeks

Cowboy Up and Get Shut Down, A Tale of Failure in CO - Matt Lubar

Cowboy Up and Get Shut Down, A Tale of Failure in CO -  Matt Lubar
August 28, 2013 - 

Near the end of July, I made a conscious shift in my mindset in regards to what I have been investing my time in climbing wise. I started to move away from repeating “easier” boulders that generally take two days or less and began throwing myself at boulders I knew would take many sessions over a long period of time. I have always been bad at projecting hard blocs near my limit, as I get impatient after expending so much time and effort with nothing to show for it. Yet that is the name of the game as far...

Colorado Alpine Summer - Matt Lubar

Colorado Alpine Summer -  Matt Lubar
July 04, 2013 - 

This last month has reminded me why Colorado is the greatest place on earth. Long days in the mountains, endless amounts of amazing lines in incredible places, and good friends to enjoy them with. What could be better? In between coaching summer camps at the ABC gym in Boulder, trying to put away some money for a potential European tour in Fall/Winter of 2014, I’ve been lucky enough to find ample time to head up to RMNP and Mt. Evans. As usual, there is never a lack of psych or strong, motivated people to go climbing...

Early Alpine Season- Lincoln and Emerald Lakes - Matt Lubar

Early Alpine Season- Lincoln and Emerald Lakes -  Matt Lubar
June 03, 2013 - 

When school gets out and the warm Colorado sun begins to shine, I have only one thing on my mind: Alpine bouldering. I headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for this first time of the season on May 18, and as usual, I was not disappointed. Though last winter’s snow was so plentiful that it seemed it would never fully melt, the boulders were completely dry and and spirits were high.  

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