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Rock and Ice photo camp 2013 - Jon Cardwell

Rock and Ice photo camp 2013 - Jon Cardwell
July 01, 2013 - 

I love the climbing community. This group is not always visible, especially with today's new wave of indoor climbing gyms, filling up with eager beginners. Its sometimes lost, but there's no doubt of it's existence. Last week I spent five days in Redstone with an awesome group of climbers and photographers both pro and amateur. These camps are instructional workshops developed to teach, instruct and critique eager photographers how to shoot rock climbing for the publishers. I've been to a Rock and Ice photo camp once, a couple years ago in Rifle, Colorado and while it...

Down and Under - Benjamin Rueck

Down and Under - Benjamin Rueck
October 28, 2012 - 

Life sure is funny… one minute you’re sitting at work plugging away on a usual day… then the next you’re on a plane to the other side of the globe. At least that is what my lucky life has brought to me! Ever since I was about six years old I have always dreamed of visiting Australia… I am fairly certain it had to do with the old Walt Disney cartoon called The Rescuers Down Under (phenomenal flick by-the-way) but unlike the characters in the story I was going down for a much more fun reason… to climb!After a...

The Balancing Act - Progress the Wall - Ben Rueck

The Balancing Act - Progress the Wall - Ben Rueck
September 25, 2012 - 

Acting like a tight-rope walker without a net is how I describe my last few weeks with work and training. It seems that all of my free time is spent trying to recuperate from exhaustion… or push to the next level; unfortunately due to life, the balance that is needed to make both climbing and training work together (they are seperate for me) is not really cooperating. For the last two weeks I have been working every single day in either the classroom or a quaint little gear shop neslted in the punch bowl of the Colorado’s...

Whirlwinds and Travel - Benjamin Rueck

Whirlwinds and Travel - Benjamin Rueck
August 13, 2012 -  Benjamin Rueck

(Learning that the words “Alpine Start” means dragging my ass out of bed at a silly hour in the morning to hike… alot! Beautiful sunrise though.) It all started with a simple email… “I will be coming over in a week”. Little did I know that those eight words would soon lead me on a wild and insane adventure that would open a whole new world to me full of choss, granite, and probably the scariest twelve hours of my life.

West Coastin' in San Francisco - Sasha DiGiulian

West Coastin' in San Francisco - Sasha DiGiulian
February 04, 2012 - 

This past week I have sampled some of America’s western sport climbing destinations including the VRG, Cathedral, and Moe’s Valley in Southern Utah, and also Jailhouse in the California Bay Area. I have not been at any of the areas for more than 2 days but I have really enjoyed experiencing the different crags and I know that I will certainly be returning as soon as I can. While I was at the VRG in Southern Utah I was filming with Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann. Three Strings Media is putting together a Five Ten clip from the trip,...

Second female free ascent of the Salathe Wall - Mayan Smith-Gobat

Second female free ascent of the Salathe Wall - Mayan Smith-Gobat
October 05, 2011 - 

Second female free ascent of the Salathe Wall, first NZ free ascent of El Capitan! Free climbing El Capitan has always been a dream of mine... Something which I have always aspired to ever since I started climbing. I have always had a fascination for big walls, and loved being in exposed, beautiful places. However, until a couple years ago I did not take it on as a real goal. Then, when I when I climbed El Capitan for the first time, via the Free Rider, I realized my dream was not too far fetched and I...

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