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Boulders in Gatineau - Hans Montenegro

Boulders in Gatineau - Hans Montenegro
December 02, 2014 - 

This post shows the boulders in Gatineau (Luskville, bloc du penguin and Home cliff). You can see a drawn topo made by a friend of mine (Jonathan Audy). He is always helping to develop climbing in Quebec. This topo is for the Luskville bouldering. Luskville (35 minutes from Hull): You can see many interesting problems and I believe that there are some potential boulders for developing too. This is a nice place; the approaching pad is ok for the first section. After that, you have to walk up the mountain. It is not easy with more...

Centaure V7 - Hans Christian Montenegro

Centaure V7 - Hans Christian Montenegro
September 22, 2014 - 

Outdoor climbing! Well after the indoor competition. It is time to climb outdoor. Here we have a video from a boulder problem in Luskville. Centaure is a beautiful problem with small crimps. I got this place because Jonathan Audy made a drawn topo and he shared it with me. I really love the place. It is very nature, and isolated. It is only you, your problem and the nature. Incredible feeling! In this same place there is a V11 and a V13 ! Thanks to Jonathan Audy for helping develop the Quebec climbing sport. ...

Porcupine's Pine V7, Luskville, Quebec - Hans Christian Montenegro

Porcupine's Pine V7, Luskville, Quebec - Hans Christian Montenegro
October 07, 2013 - 

This problem was the first one that I did on my trip to Gatineau (Luskville). Gatineau is a wonderful town. A town built into a park. It was marvelous to live into a park for a month. Also, I had never seen a real sportive town. Everyone practice a physical activity like Kayak, bike, jogging, trekking and climbing. Everyone is a healthy citizen. I got this place grace to Jonathan Audy. He is a climber that has been developing a lot of new boulder in different places (Gatineau and Lac-Brome). The Porcupine's Pine is a nice problem if...

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