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Mallorca Week One - Andrew Baldwin

Mallorca Week One - Andrew Baldwin
July 11, 2013 - 

This first week in Mallorca has been perfect. The scenery, culture, food, wine and climbing are incredible. I've climbed some of the best routes ever and drank some of the best wine ever. This place is absolutely beautiful. Paradise. I can't wait to see what week two holds for me. I still have a lot I want to see and do.

Yes, Austin is Weird - Nicholas Milburn

Yes, Austin is Weird - Nicholas Milburn
May 13, 2013 - 

I think I will just write a quick blurb about my adventures last weekend. Brendan Mitchell, a recent addition to the Brand of the Brave, told me he was going to be in Austin for his dad's (Bruce) 50th birthday and that I should join him so we can climb together. I jumped at the idea. Tiffany Murphy and Sam Rothstein also drove down from Dallas and we meet up with Joe Gifford who lives in Austin. We all arrived at different times, so I ate dinner with Brendan and his family at this super nice golf...

Spain Part 2 - Jen Vennon

Spain Part 2 - Jen Vennon
December 12, 2012 - 

Our first week in Spain quickly fell into a comfortable rhythm. We’d sleep in late and then spend an hour or more drinking coffee, checking the slow internet, discuss our plans for climbing and enjoying the company of Joe and Colette.We managed to climb five of our first seven days in Spain. We visited a crag in St. Lloranc that was steep and super fun. We spent several days at Santa Linya, and we even made the voyage down to Margalef.Each crag we visited had it’s own feel and it’s own style. Perhaps my favorite thing about visiting a...

Spain Part 1 - Jen Vennon

Spain Part 1 - Jen Vennon
December 05, 2012 - 

 After a grueling few weeks of writing sub plans, being a single dog parent, and packing, I plopped into my tiny airplane seat and immediately felt a load lifted from my shoulders. When you’re a Kindergarten teacher it’s not easy to wrangle an extra week of vacation in the fall. But I’d managed it and couldn’t have been more psyched.

Colorado trip and Limestone Cave Bouldering in Vermont!! - Sam Hayden

Colorado trip and Limestone Cave Bouldering in Vermont!! - Sam Hayden
May 20, 2012 - 

Colorado trip and a fantastic day bouldering at the recently found limestone cave in central Vermont! A little slow getting to this post spring has been busy! The trip out to Colorado in April was a blast! Climbed at the Kluttergarden in Redcliff, Boulder Canyon, Wolcott, and Unaweep. Got closer on my projects in Boulder Canyon...but couldn't quite get them in the one day we had there. The Kluttergarden was amazing in Redcliff! Fantastic stone, nice movement, secluded beautiful climbs! If you are heading down I70 west then make a...

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