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Boyz in the Hood - Urs Moosmuller

Boyz in the Hood - Urs Moosmuller
July 06, 2014 -  Urs Moosmuller

Boyz in the Hood is a mythical boulder problem hidden in the town of Truckee, CA. It was first established by the Tahoe legend Charlie Barrett in the early 2000’s. At the time of its ascent it was the hardest boulder problem in Tahoe and has the reputation of being impossible. The problem reached mythical statues within the local bouldering community and for years the problem sat unrepeated. A few years ago the second ascent finally fell to Joel Zerr and since then the popularity of the problem has increased and the lack of information has been broken. Currently...

A Change of Pace: Tahoe Bouldering - Urs Moosmuller

A Change of Pace: Tahoe Bouldering - Urs Moosmuller
June 28, 2014 -  Urs Moosmuller

I am now in Reno, NV after a brutal 32 hour drive from CD Juarez to Boulder and Boulder, CO to Reno, NV. The non stop drive through two nights took a lot out of me and I was lucky to get one good night of sleep before competing in the annual competition at my local climbing gym. With one night of rest in a comfortable bed, I started the 4hr comp and ended up placing third in the open category. I felt very proud with my results taking in consideration my lack of sleep, lack of food, and...

Win/Win: Sending Wicked Quickie and Finding Lost Carabiner - Seth Rogers

Win/Win:  Sending Wicked Quickie and Finding Lost Carabiner - Seth Rogers
November 18, 2013 -  Seth Rogers

Last weekend, I sent one of my hardest outside projects named Wicked Quickie (12d). It’s in the Central Cave at Big Chief outside Lake Tahoe. My very first 5.10 blog was June last year and I wrote about trying this route with my friends.  I said I would come back to work the project and I did! 

Lake Tahoe Bouldering - Urs Moosmuller

Lake Tahoe Bouldering - Urs Moosmuller
July 02, 2013 - 

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and contains thousands of granite boulders that surround the mountains and hillsides around the lake. Recently Mike Hatchet has produced a very detailed guidebook on bouldering on the North and west Shore of Tahoe. With over 3,200 problems, it has shed some light on a ton of areas that were only accessed through local knowledge and word of mouth. Growing up in the north east part of Lake Tahoe I am pretty familiar with most of the areas, but with the purchase of this book I...

California Climb Time - Aicacia Young

California Climb Time - Aicacia Young
July 20, 2012 -  Aicacia Young

About a month ago, I got the awesome opportunity to go climbing/camping in California. My friend and I flew into Reno on a Wednesday night and drove to South Lake Tahoe the next morning to appreciate the gorgeous scenery.We were just about to leave and start heading south when we saw a couple of climbers walk down to their sweet awesome van parked right next to us. Turns out there was an entire wall of beautiful sport routes just up the hill at Eagle Creek Canyon, so we followed them back up and had a few burns on some...

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