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The Problem with the Gegeneration Phase - Markus Eder

The Problem with the Gegeneration Phase - Markus Eder
January 09, 2015 -  Markus Eder

The saying “Rest days are the best days!” is not everyone’s opinion. I often have a big problem with these days. Certainly, these days can be used for meaningful activities – immerse oneself in different cultures, work (only if you have to…), read, drink coffee, eat good food, relax or get mind and body greedy for the next climbing day. On the other hand, these days could also be used for climbing instead of not climbing… a hard decision! On a climbing trip, I usually stick to a 2-1-rhythm, which means 2 climbing days followed by one rest...

IXS European Cup #6 Pila - Spela Horvat

IXS European Cup #6 Pila - Spela Horvat
September 08, 2014 -  Spela Horvat

Yet another podium at the IXS European cup in Pila, Italy and 5th place for me. I was aiming a bit higher after finishing 4th in seeding, but I made a huge mistake which had cost me valuable time but overall I'm happy with the result and can't wait for the upcoming races.

Back to Brento - Jill Kuzman

Back to Brento - Jill Kuzman
August 08, 2014 - 

I'm back in Europe and my second year here is even better than my first. More experience. Bigger wingsuit. Longer stay. I am one stoked girl.

Climbing May - Martina Cufar

Climbing May - Martina Cufar
June 07, 2014 - 

May went by very fast! We started the month at the sea in Finale Ligure (Italy). We spent some time swimming (in the wet suits, because the sea was still rather cold) and of course climbing in nice spots 20min from the coast. All this wouldn’t be possible without my mother in law, Nathalie, who played with Tommy when we were climbing with Nico.  

News From Last Month - Niccolò Ceria

News From Last Month - Niccolò Ceria
December 06, 2013 -  Niccolò Ceria

Hi everybody, Five weeks have gone from the end of my trip in Prilep and the training period has started again. After Macedonia my physical shape dropped down and I wasn't able to keep me hang. After the return, I decided to stay off the training since I felt tired and I felt to have given a lot of energies to brush and to climb in Prilep. I opted to climb outdoor in few occasions and to relax me as much as I can before restarting to the use fingerboards and so on. I went twice to Gaby, the...

Part 2 of My Summer Vacation - Jill Kuzman

Part 2 of My Summer Vacation - Jill Kuzman
August 26, 2013 - 

First jump off Brento, I'm terrified all over again. New exit point. Further to fly to the landing. Different wind conditions. I walk down to the exit point after gearing up. I grab one of the ropes set up for safety. And manage to slip on the polished rock. I hold onto the rope, but drop my helmet and goggles. Slow motion, they bounce twice and disappear off the side of the cliff. Bad sign?! Who knows. Just a little fear icing on my fear cake.I start frantically rambling about how I can't possibly fly without goggles. I'm not...


One Crazy Winter on the FWT - Max Kuszaj

One Crazy Winter on the FWT - Max Kuszaj
April 29, 2013 - 
This winter I got the opportunity to travel the world with the Swatch Freeride World...
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