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Sapphire Showdown Finals - Ellen Brennan

Sapphire Showdown Finals - Ellen Brennan
May 26, 2013 - 

The final day of the competition was a bit stressful to say the least! The start of the day way Very windy, so we all spent the morning afternoon, and almost the evening staring out the window at the flags blowing up high and the trees blowing down below.

Wind Hold in Istanbul - Ellen Brennan

Wind Hold in Istanbul - Ellen Brennan
May 24, 2013 - 

Unfortunately sometimes weather conditions just don't cooperate when there is an event. For the last 2 days we have been on a wind hold, with winds 30km/h gusting 50 km/h it's just not a good idea to jump off a building in the middle of downtown Istanbul. However, the sun is still shining, and we have all had the chance to go check out the city. Last night we all went out to dinner together, and then to a bar/belly-dancing show! It was a great time last night with 55 BASE jumpers taking on the town! Today...

The ProBASE Competition Begins! - Ellen Brennan

The ProBASE Competition Begins! - Ellen Brennan
May 22, 2013 - 

Today the competition began! There were 19 prequalified jumpers, including 3 Five Ten Athletes: Miles Dasher and Julian Boulle and me. For the other 15 slots, they had 2 rounds of pre-qualifiers today for a total of 34 competitors. After the 2 qualifying rounds, we had the first round of the finals. We got super lucky with the weather here in Istanbul today, and we were able to jump non-stop from 11-1900! It is super fun jumping here; when we land all the Turkish kids run up to us to give us high-fives :) It makes...

Day 1 in Istanbul - Ellen Brennan

Day 1 in Istanbul - Ellen Brennan
May 21, 2013 - 

It's amazing to be in Turkey with 55 other jumpers from All over the world! Last night we had our safety briefing, and reviewed the rules of the competition. We will be jumping off the Sapphire Tower- the tallest building in Istanbul! It is 240 meters of beautiful glass windows! The competition will be judged on these factors:1. Good strong, stable push from the building2. must take a 2-3.5 second delay3. On heading canopy opening4. Landing Pattern5. Landing accuracyThe first day of the competition starts Tomorrow!!As for today, we had an 'off day' and got the chance to explore...

Follow Five Ten Athlete Ellen Brennan as She Travels to the ProBASE Sapphire Showdown in Instanbul

Follow Five Ten Athlete Ellen Brennan as She Travels to the ProBASE Sapphire Showdown in Instanbul
May 16, 2013 - 

Starting June 21st, The Showdown includes jumping from 2 buildings, the Skyport- 120 meters and the Sapphire Tower- 236 meters.  While jumping from these building, the athletes will be performing stunts including multi-way jumps and aerial maneuvers.  In addition to that, they will also be competing in a spot landing competition from the Sapphire Tower Building.   To top it all off, the competitors will be jumping from a heli over the Goldern Horn- whether with a wingsuit or a swim suit, it is sure to be entertaining!!!

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