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Final Days in Guadalcazar - Urs Moosmuller

Final Days in Guadalcazar - Urs Moosmuller
April 11, 2014 -  Urs Moosmuller

Most of my trip to Mexico has been spent climbing in Guadalcazar, Mexico. This place has captured my heart and has been an area where I pushed myself the hardest. There are so many great memories from every aspect of living in this little town. It feels very strange to leave after being so comfortable in one place. I have learned so much about myself through this part of my trip and several projects have forced me to really evaluate myself as a person and push myself to success.

Guadalcazar Climbing Trailer - Urs Moosmuller

Guadalcazar Climbing Trailer - Urs Moosmuller
January 01, 2014 - 

For several weeks a professional film crew from Mexico City came up to San Luis Potosi to film a short film on the area of Guadalcazar. Here is the trailer for the short film. Enjoy!

5.14 First Ascents in Guadalacazar - Urs Moosmuller

5.14 First Ascents in Guadalacazar - Urs Moosmuller
October 14, 2013 - 

The next cave we visited is a massive 80m cave deep in the wilderness surrounding Guadalacazar. The cave holds the largest amount of routes and some of the best. The bottom of the cave is filled with hundreds of stalagtites ranging from very small stalagtites to massive 4m long stalagtites. Just seeing this impressive natural phenomenon is a unique experience. At the deepest part of the cave you can find inscriptions from the local people dating back to the 1800’s. The cave was originally used for ceremonial purposes for the recently deceased, but now sees very little attention and...

Climbing in Guadalcazar, Mexico - Urs Moosmuller

Climbing in Guadalcazar, Mexico - Urs Moosmuller
October 07, 2013 - 

Guadalacazar is a small farming town located an hour north of San Louis Potosi in central Mexico. The climbing consists of perfect limestone varying from bullet hard blue vertical walls to massive stalagtite filled caves of white limestone. On first arriving into the town there is no sign of any climbing and it looks like so many small towns in central Mexico with rolling hills vacant of any rock formations. Then on further inspection you find massive caves in the center of holes in the ground. All the caves are underground with light shinning through the openings. It is...

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