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Last Week of Semester Holidays in Frankenjura - Christian Muench

Last Week of Semester Holidays in Frankenjura - Christian Muench
October 16, 2013 -  Muench

The last week of semester holidays turned out to be not too bad actually. The weather report for the second half of the second week in October was so bad that - although we only had one rest day after the last trip to “Frankenjura” - we made our way back there on Monday, 7 October 2013, again.The following three days of climbing there where full of sun and good weather then. As we came back to “Bärenschlucht” because Martin wanted to try “Poseidon” (8a+) again, and because I definitely didn’t want to try “Desaster” (8b+) in the sun,...

The Elder Statesman - Daniel Jung

The Elder Statesman - Daniel Jung
October 25, 2012 - 

It is done! I sent The Elder Statesman on Friday. Some pain, a lot of blood and tape but it was a lot of fun!It's not a long route, but during the first 25 moves you need a lot of concentration. The wall isn't that steep and the holds are small and sharp. So its a lot of struggling with the skin and conditions. Handling this and being precise and concentrated is the main difficulty of the route I think.Markus Bock did the first ascent in 2011 and graded it 11/11+, so it is one of the three hardest...

Frankenjura - Dood Days and Bad Days - Chris Muench

Frankenjura - Dood Days and Bad Days - Chris Muench
August 10, 2012 -  Muench

Last weekend (4th August - 5th August 2012), after all my exams at university where done, I started my holidays with a short trip to Frankenjura. But when we arrived it was just so hot that I couldn't climb very well and even had problems with my warm up routes...So we checked out "Kalte Wand", that I hadn't known before and which is a good summer crag. Being quite tired from all the heat, at least I could try the moves of "Intercooler" (8c+) an do some really nice climbs round 7a/7a+. The next day was a bit...

Good Old Frankenjura - Chris Muench

Good Old Frankenjura - Chris Muench
July 13, 2012 -  Muench

About two weeks ago, I had a really nice weekend in Frankenjura together with some good friends.Even if there was no hard climbing, I had fun onsighting and flashing a couple of things. Amongst others, I flashed Nullkommanix (8a) and did an awesome 7c+ arete (see pictures).In the evening, we went to a public viewing spot in Nürnberg to whatch Germany vs Greece. So much fun we had there!!!The next day was for bouldering on hard things. So I had a look into Shangri-La (9a) - really good but so much endurance that you need there :)Nevertheless I'm keen...

Frankenjura and Esino! - Gabriele Moroni

Frankenjura and Esino! - Gabriele Moroni
October 07, 2011 - 

Hey everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates but during september I've been on the road alot!First in Finale Ligure where I've been routesetting for the Finale For Nepal bouldering competition...3 days of hard work in the heat but it was well worth it! The comp was a great success and everybody liked our boulder problems!...

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