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Crisp Air is on the Move - Sam Hayden

Crisp Air is on the Move - Sam Hayden
September 30, 2014 - 

Fall temps have begun and project list is growing.  We've had several nights in the 20's and beautiful sunny days in the 50's and 60's. We have projects at DEKD, Sunny Valley, and the brand new zone that has yet to be named. I'm feeling strong, training hard and have been getting outside on rock after a long hot summer.

Projekt 5 - Vogel - Jan Porič

Projekt 5 - Vogel - Jan Porič
September 16, 2014 -  Jan Porič

Vogel Mountain Bike Park was the fifth and last location of Projekt 5. On the trail which is 1,2 kilometers long I was riding with Gašper Kos. Even it is short trail it has everything and it's perfect for the training. From the trail you can see Triglav, the Slovenian highest mountain, and the view in general from Vogel Mountain Bike Park on the Alps and lake Bohinj is spectacular! More projects: Projekt 5 More photos and video from Vogel: Projekt 5 - Vogel  

Regionals – At Berkeley Ironworks - Matt Grossman

Regionals – At Berkeley Ironworks - Matt Grossman
June 06, 2014 - 

It was my first time ever leading in a big comp. My category was stacked with strong competitors. I knew that I was going to have to give 100% on every route. “TIME TIME, climbers you may begin climbing now,” the timer announced. I stepped onto the wall and was instantly in the zone. But that’s not where the competition started. It started that morning when I checked into ISO to warm up for the comp. ISO is always interesting and crowded because there is never enough space, and often there are new competitors at regionals that have...

Nangijala (8c+) in Kochel – A Long Desired Route! - Muench

Nangijala (8c+) in Kochel – A Long Desired Route! - Muench
May 03, 2014 -  Muench

The first time that I tried this route was in 2008, and I had worked on it for quite a while back then. But after I had finished school this year, I went to Australia for 9 months and therefore had to start from the beginning after the trip.

Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden

Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden
August 26, 2013 - 

I'm finally feeling back up to the strength I was at before I broke my tibia last August. I can't believe it's taken this long. Throughout the entire process I have kept climbing but the leg never felt like it was back up to speed until now. Comp season for bouldering last fall was a wash due to the broken bone and then I came down with a bug at regionals and attempted to climb with a high fever...didn't work out so well!The last 6 months I've been focused on getting back up to full strength,...

Video: Big Worm (V14) by LT11 with Dave Wetmore

Video: Big Worm (V14) by LT11 with Dave Wetmore
December 07, 2012 - 

In 2008, Dave Wetmore suffered a debilitating finger injury that has plagued his climbing career. After fully rupturing the A2 pulley on his left ring finger and having a rarely done reconstructive surgery, his doctor told him that climbing would be nearly impossible, especially at a professional level. After a year of rehabilitation Dave hit the bouldering scene with a new found drive. Dave set his sights on a V14 in Colorado called BIG WORM and never looked back. This is the story of Dave's experience with BIG WORM.

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