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2013 Was an Awesome Year - Kim Becker

2013 Was an Awesome Year - Kim Becker
January 04, 2014 - 

Lots of firsts, a few checks off the bucket list, and too many adventures to count. Here's my Top 6 of 2013!

2013 Clackamas River Festival - Kim Becker (Russell)

2013 Clackamas River Festival - Kim Becker (Russell)
May 25, 2013 - 

The 30th annual Clackamas River Festival took place this year the weekend of May 18/19 2013. The two day event is part of the Western Whitewater Championship Series, a summer long series of races across the Northwest. With only three races left after Clackfest, paddlers came out in full force to gain points, and enjoy the festivities: rafters, stand-up paddleboarders, driftboaters, whitewater kayakers, even inner-tubers! 

Coyote Rock Gym - Ottawa, ON - Hans Christian Montenegro

Coyote Rock Gym - Ottawa, ON - Hans Christian Montenegro
March 27, 2013 - 

This is my fourth competition of the season. There were 58 climbers in the open category. The out-of-town climbers came only from Toronto and Montreal.The Coyote Rock Gym is a famous place for competitions in eastern Canada. They always put on a good show for spectators and have good problems for competitors.The qualifying round was not too hard and many climbers did the hardest problems. After three hours of climbing, I completed six problems in the top seven problems. This score put me in eighth place in the finals. I was nervous because all the climbers were in excellent...

Colette McInerney - Take Five with 5.10 Athlete Gabri Moroni

Colette McInerney - Take Five with 5.10 Athlete Gabri Moroni
March 15, 2013 - 

I first met up with Italian Gabriele Moroni, 25, two years ago it was on the other side of the world during Petzl’s Rock Trip in Getu Valley China. Besides having perfect English and negating my perceived perception that all Italians had dark hair, Gabriele stuck out in my mind from his incredible climbing performance. Gabri, as his close friends call him, was one of the only among a trove of talented athletes in attendance to send the Rock Trip’s “Ultimate Route” Coup de Bambou, 9a (14d). When I saw Gabri again this spring in Catalunya Spain he seemed...

Return to Hueco - Jon Cardwell

Return to Hueco - Jon Cardwell
March 03, 2013 -  Jon Cardwell

I've been climbing in Hueco ever since I can remember. I grew up in the desert expanse of New Mexico and the soaring syenite formations of Hueco Tanks were never too far away. My coach at the time and good friend, Lance Hadfield first introduced me to the boulders. I was twelve years old and it was my first time climbing outdoors. My mind raced, and I was hooked immediately. That first trip open my eyes to what climbing is about. I subconsciously made the decision to visit these rocks as often as I could in...

Video: Big Worm (V14) by LT11 with Dave Wetmore

Video: Big Worm (V14) by LT11 with Dave Wetmore
December 07, 2012 - 

In 2008, Dave Wetmore suffered a debilitating finger injury that has plagued his climbing career. After fully rupturing the A2 pulley on his left ring finger and having a rarely done reconstructive surgery, his doctor told him that climbing would be nearly impossible, especially at a professional level. After a year of rehabilitation Dave hit the bouldering scene with a new found drive. Dave set his sights on a V14 in Colorado called BIG WORM and never looked back. This is the story of Dave's experience with BIG WORM.

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