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The Competition Season has Arrived - Hans Christian Montenegro

The Competition Season has Arrived - Hans Christian Montenegro
November 29, 2012 - 

The competition season has arrived. I have decided to do five competitions. The first one was in Montreal at the gym Allez Up. There was a large number of participants. I think it was the biggest competition in the last two years or even more. In the open category there were 102 competitors. This is a huge number and the gym Allez Up managed it with no trouble. I saw some climber friends from Toronto, kingston and Ottawa. It is always nice to spend time with your friends while you climb.The competition had 60 problems for the qualifying round....

Fear and Loathing - Shauna Coxsey

Fear and Loathing - Shauna Coxsey
November 20, 2012 -  Shauna Coxsey

A couple of months back I was bouldering in Magic Wood, Switzerland. I jumped off a boulder and landed totally normally onto relatively flat mats. As I hit the ground I heard a little snap in my leg.. It was broken. 3 months off spent training, a month just climbing on rope and I am now back bouldering. Its been a hard journey and it's still not over....

The Performance Phase - Hans Christian Montenegro

The Performance Phase - Hans Christian Montenegro
November 20, 2012 - 

I have finished my specific training and now I am in the performance phase. The most important part in this phase is to let muscles restore their new shape because after training, the whole body is tired and performing in this condition is not ideal. But you have to be careful because too much rest can have a negative impact on the results of your training. So, this phase is composed of rest, climbing and maintenance.Rest:For the first week, you just have to climb. You can do small climbing sessions (2 hours) and don’t try to overload your body...

Psychedelia 2012 - Greg Seitz

Psychedelia 2012 - Greg Seitz
November 05, 2012 -  Greig Seitz

October was an amazing month. The temps are finally starting to drop during October. Also, Competition season is just around the corner. During this past summer, I started training for competition season and also for climbing outside. Training anywhere from ten to twenty hours each week, I started to push through to the next level.

Specific Training 2012 - Hans Christian Montenegro

Specific Training 2012 - Hans Christian Montenegro
October 19, 2012 - 

What does “specific training” mean to me? After two months of general training, I was too tired to start my specific training, so I took a week rest with small sessions of climbing. Then, I started my three weeks of specific training. What does “specific training” mean to me? For me, there is one main objective of specific training. It is to transfer the strength gained in general training to your climbing. How do you do that? I think you cannot make a direct transfer. You have to pass the force gained into your climbing...

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