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Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel

Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel
August 10, 2014 -  Nic Rummel

I had such a great summer developing a climbing area near Cascade, Idaho. This is the second summer I was able to live in McCall, a small mountain town 100 miles north of Boise and 30 miles north of Cascade. I first heard about this area from my friend and mentor Larry Morton. He was a professional motocross racer and now owns a restaurant and climbing gym in Cascade. Larry introduced me to the area in the June of 2013, and the quality of the stone, lines and the solid landings for high balls keeps my interest peeked. ...

Giuliano Cameroni’s “Sunday Climbing”

 Giuliano Cameroni’s “Sunday Climbing”
May 28, 2014 -  Five Ten

In the last 4 months 16 year old Swiss Giuliano Cameroni climbed 31 boulders graded 8A or harder! At the same time he also set a new record: Giuliano became the youngest climber to climb an 8C boulder. We filmed Giuliano during a sunny sunday afternoon in Chironico - one of the most beautiful and well known boulder area in Switzerland and even in the world. In just a few tries he made the ascent of “Vitruvian Man” 7C and in 1 hour he succeeded in”‘Willenberg Dach” 8A.

"All in" - Markus Eder

"All in" - Markus Eder
May 18, 2014 -  Markus Eder

Heard the rumor that somebody has climbed the arête“ – I always have to think about this sentence of the Rocklands bouldering guidebook when I arrived at my project in Bad Ischl. The combination of this beautiful 25 meters long, overhanging arête and the rumor that Peter Thaler climbed this route 15 years ago, makes this line something special. Since the first ascent the one and only good hold for a rest broke and all the climbers who tried went away with without success. I always glanced at this route, when I went nearby but it seemed impossible. Last...

Ain't No Thing But A Chicken Wing, First Ascent - Melissa Strong

Ain't No Thing But A Chicken Wing, First Ascent - Melissa Strong
September 05, 2013 -  Melissa Strong

Bouldering first ascents have been hard for me to come by throughout my climbing career. I have definitely found new rocks and stunning lines but usually I am out with my husband, Adam, or another strong fellow who happens to be waiting their turn for the first ascent. They politely hang back and encourage me for a bit but then it is time for me to step aside and the problem is done. This is how the Brown Frown at Emerald Lake was established by Adam and how Buffalo Solider at Pear...

Lost in North America Episode 1 - Josh Larson

Lost in North America Episode 1 - Josh Larson
August 23, 2013 -  Joah Larson

A trip you cant say no to and a crew you love to death. This is the trip I am on for 100 days, touring across North America to 10 of the most well known climbing areas. Partnered with Epic TV and LT11 we are filming a 10 video series filled with climbing, epics, humor and shenanigans! The first episode is from my local crag "Rumney,NH" This was a great warm up for us as a crew and a good way to start the trip with the take down of a few projects. Check out the video and follow...

Wyoming - Jamie Emerson

Wyoming - Jamie Emerson
May 22, 2013 -  Jamie Emerson

The vast and lonely places in my mind long for the vast and lonely places of the world. It is not the world we live in, where everything happens fast and we are given little time to sit and think about what we've done, who we are, who we are with, and where we are going. Basic humans needs. At least, I am a human and I need those things in my life. Time to reflect, time to ponder, time to stare at the stars and wonder. Who knew there were so many brittle lights suspended in the sky?...


Ötztal Sessions - Emanuel Moosburger

Ötztal Sessions - Emanuel Moosburger
April 24, 2013 -  Emanuel Moosburger
In the past view weeks spring has finally arrived here in Austria, the cold and...
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