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Jill Kuzman - My New Swiss Obsession - Via Ferrata

Jill Kuzman - My New Swiss Obsession - Via Ferrata
November 07, 2014 - 

Via Ferrata is an exit point in the Swiss Valley. Its mostly a wingsuit jump because of the quick start time of the terrain. You have 7 seconds to impact. So you must be moving pretty quickly if you're going to make it past the tree covered ledge below. A slightly intimidating thought while standing at an exit point. But, I'm set. My starts are fast, my exits are solid, my flights are stable. Only thing standing in my way is the most rainy season that Europe has seen since 1965.

The Swiss Valley - Year Two - Jill Kuzman

The Swiss Valley - Year Two - Jill Kuzman
September 05, 2014 - 

Heading back to the Swiss Valley was incredibly exciting for me. I was here last year with a slightly smaller wingsuit and less time for my trip. This year, I'm ready to rage. New suit in hand, one more year of experience under my belt, and 2 more weeks than I had last year. With a valley full of my friends ready to jump and party. Its like Disney World for BASE jumpers.

Part 1 of My Summer Vacation - Jill Kuzman

Part 1 of My Summer Vacation - Jill Kuzman
August 09, 2013 - 

My vacation started off this year with a roadtrip from Moab to California. Late as usual, I charge through the night. I make it to Reno by the next morning and push onto NorCal by the evening. The next two weeks I'm going to be training skydiving on my tracking suit and wingsuit for Europe. So excited and nervous to take my sky flying to the cliffs of Italy and Switzerland.

One Crazy Winter on the FWT - Max Kuszaj

One Crazy Winter on the FWT - Max Kuszaj
April 29, 2013 - 

This winter I got the opportunity to travel the world with the Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face. It was an amazing few months, jam-packed with travels all over the globe to Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, Courmayeur, Italy, Chamonix, France, Kirkwood, California, Fieberbrunn, Austia, and Verbier, Switzerland. The schedule was crazy, and the jet lag took a while to recover from, but the experiences of travel, freeriding, snow, and events were unbelievable. I cannot wait for what 2014 has in store for the FWT. Now I have a few free months...

European Youth Championship in Gemozac (France) - Chloe Caulier

European Youth Championship in Gemozac (France) - Chloe Caulier
November 06, 2012 -  Chloe Caulier

For the first time this year, IFSC decided to organize a European Youth Championship. This competition was held in Gemozac, a village located 100 km away from Bordeaux. As often in France, the Youth A and Junior categories had their qualification and final rounds on the same day. I had a good start in the first qualification route but I made a mistake when clipping in the last quarter of the route, which made me fall prematurately. I therefore had no other option but topping the second route in order to qualify for the final, which I...

Back in Europe! - Angela Payne

Back in Europe! - Angela Payne
April 21, 2012 - 

On the road again….or the plane, rather. I’m in Europe now. Racking up the frequent flyer miles, probably need to buy some carbon credits to make up for all of that flying….This time I’m here for two bouldering World Cups, one in Slovenia and one in Vienna. I am traveling with Ethan Pringle and his girlfriend, which makes the entire trip possible. I don’t know that I would much enjoy coming to Europe on my own for these events, because coming to these events is, needless to say, just a little more difficult than traveling...

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