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US National Champs Angel Fire NM - Jacqueline Harmony

US National Champs Angel Fire NM - Jacqueline Harmony
August 14, 2013 - 

The National Champs track in Angel Fire, NM was a winner! The whole week was lit up with happy people who just loved the area and the race track. We did get a little rain that helped the track out for a day, however race day was dry and loose. There was great competition from both the women's and men's field that made for some awesome racing, just what the spectator's wanted. All the racers were also excited to have all the their sponsors in the venue areas to keep their bikes in proper working order for this long,...

Vallnord Andorra MTB World Cup - Jacqueline Harmony

Vallnord Andorra MTB World Cup - Jacqueline Harmony
August 01, 2013 - 

The Andorra World Cup was one of the toughest races to attend, as I went alone, without Dante. Dante has been with me at every World Cup as my coach, mechanic and supporter, so it was a bit strange going without him. I met up with Fionn Griffiths and Gabriela Williams in Morzine France for some riding before we headed to Andorra. I was able to ride so many great places to from Morzine such as, La Gets, Super Morzine, Chatel, Swiss nationals track and some DH runs on the backside of Champery. The area is so magnificant with...

Pro GRT #1 Bootleg Canyon Nevada - Jacqueline Harmony

Pro GRT #1 Bootleg Canyon Nevada - Jacqueline Harmony
March 21, 2013 - 

The US Pro GRT's first stop was in Boulder City, NV at Bootleg Canyon. The infamous Brent Thompson trails are still going strong with the Race Course coming down Snakeback to Kavorkian and finishing with Diva. Dante and Jackie of Team Harmony have had an interesting off-season with a lot of work and not very much bike riding through the winter but now that the duo are both riding brand new Pivot Firebirds and Phoenixes, they are very excited to see what they can accomplish this race season. Reaper Madness is their first major race of the season...

A Day in The Life of The H Team - Jacqueline Harmony

A Day in The Life of The H Team - Jacqueline Harmony
January 18, 2013 - 

Take a look into a day in the life of Dante and I (Jacqueline Harmony), Five Ten Athletes.  Wherever we are and whatever we do Five Ten shoes are always on our feet.  This is what our shoes experienced.

Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony

Milagrosa Hike - Jacqueline Harmony
December 03, 2012 - 

It has been a month now since my crash happened in Taxco Mexico during the Best Trick Competition at the Urban Downhill race. I came up short on a 35 foot double and landed, I think, straight on my shoulder. I separated my shoulder and was told that it is a Grade V separation and usually involves surgery. Right now my decision is to get full range of motion and get back on my bike rather than think about surgery. I have been doing physical therapy on it for a month, rode a pump track and hit...

Season Ender - Jacqueline Harmony

Season Ender - Jacqueline Harmony
October 12, 2012 - 

Through my whole season of Downhill racing this year I have had some amazing ups and downs. I started off with a whole schedule of races with the backing of a great team. As the season went on things were changing and turning in the opposite direction. At one point I realized that I may not be able to finish out the season as I had planned out. However I was fortunate enough to have the greatest friends and family to step in and sponsor me for the rest of the season. I was...


Pro GRT Northstar California - Jacqueline Harmony

Pro GRT Northstar California - Jacqueline Harmony
August 21, 2012 - 
The last stop on the Pro GRT landed at Northstar Mountain in Tahoe California. ...
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