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JT Holmes and Dean Potter featured in The Rise of Superman Trailer

JT Holmes and Dean Potter featured in The Rise of Superman Trailer
November 25, 2013 - 

Flow states.  That is the topic of focus for this new documentary.  How does the brain make decisions at such high rates of speed?  How does a climber manage to block everything else out and focus on linking moves together to climb higher and higher?  I think the final product will be pretty neat!

5.10 media event- BEND - Jill Kintner

5.10 media event- BEND - Jill Kintner
October 08, 2012 - 

BEND, OREGON5.10′s media event was held in Bend, Oregon this week to learn about the "Brand of the Brave", do some climbing, mountain bike riding, photo shoots,  and smoozing with our new journalist friends:) – (Outdoor magazine, Men’s Journal, Backpacker, Climber,, Oregonian, Washington Post, decline , etc).

adidas Rockstars sponsored by Five Ten ®

adidas Rockstars sponsored by Five Ten ®
August 07, 2012 -  Five Ten

Adidas Rockstars sponsored by Five Ten ® This upcoming weekend the second edition of the adidas Rockstar event will take place at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany! Right away from qualification on Friday to semifinals and final on Saturday the strongest Boulder athletes are pushing their limits accompanied by rock rhythms and the best Beatboxers who dare to take over the mic. The Beat, the rhythm and the music will drive the athletes to outstanding performance and will bring the best out of them. And of course, the live music brings us a the show and...

On The Road With Dean Potter

On The Road With Dean Potter
February 13, 2012 -  Nancy Prichard-Bouchard

Dean Potter, Five Ten™ Elite Athlete, is The Man Who Can Fly. For nearly a year, a film crew from the National Geographic Channel followed Dean from adventure to adventure; pioneering the first free solo on Yosemite’s El Capitan (Easy Rider), walking some of the most beautiful free solo highlines in the world, knocking off a first ascent (and first wing suit descent) of Mt. Bute in British Columbia, Canada, and setting a new world record for wingsuit BASE-jumping off the Eiger—soaring 3 minutes, 20 seconds for more than 5.5 miles over 9,200 vertical feet. All the while,...

Dean Potter on Living The Life of No Rules

Dean Potter on Living The Life of No Rules
February 10, 2012 - 

I’ve been getting back to my homeless man-dirtbag roots lately. I’m a lot more styled out than in the past but the sentiment of being free and unbound is still the same. I finally equipped my Five Ten Sprinter van with a stylin’ queen size cedar bed and a little cook set up.  My best friend-dog Whisper and I are back on the road more than we seem to be at home.

Above it All - Dean Potter

Above it All - Dean Potter
November 02, 2011 - 

I climbed the West Ridge of the Eiger with my friend Ivo Ninov. We weren’t expecting the Eiger to be climbable so both of us hadn’t packed any alpine gear. We navigated our way up the icy face, wearing blue jeans and sneakers. Lucky for us we did have some gear; we both had Fiveten shoes and Stealth, the stickiest rubber on earth, on our feet. Ivo was pretty much styling with his high top ‘Insights’. He strutted through some snowy sections and even kicked a few steps. I on the other hand, well foot,...

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