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ABS Nationals (Better Late than Never)

ABS Nationals (Better Late than Never)
March 22, 2014 -  Francesca Metcalf

ISO for qualifiers is always like a big reunion, seeing people for the first time since the last big comp, or even since last year's ABS Nationals. This year definitely was no exception- it seemed like practically everyone came out for the comp, and the running order was the most stacked I had ever seen.

Adventures in Colorado Springs (ABS Youth Nationals) - Michaela Kiersch

Adventures in Colorado Springs (ABS Youth Nationals) - Michaela Kiersch
March 13, 2013 -  Michaela Kiersch

Alright here's the review of my last comp, ABS Youth Nationals. Leading up to this comp, I stayed with the amazing hosts Nina Williams and Beau Kahler. Meagan and I were psyched to get to stay with them and to train during the week. After a couple trips to Movement Climbing + Fitness, CATS, and Team ABC's gym, I headed back out to Colorado Springs with a couple kids on my team and their mom. We got to the hotel, checked in, and I went to go register. Of course, I was so...

ABS14 Nationals: Training, Competing, Performing - Josh Levin

ABS14 Nationals: Training, Competing, Performing - Josh Levin
March 11, 2013 -  Josh Levin

Last weekend concluded the 2013 ABS National Championships. This year, I traveled out to Colorado Springs to compete in both the youth and open divisions, securing a semifinal bid in the adult category and my 5th National Bouldering Championship title in my last youth bouldering competition ever.This two week Colorado experience has definitely been one of the best times of my life, and I am extremely grateful to be able to live out this lifestyle, balancing my studying with traveling and competing with some of my best friends. Now that I am able to look back and reflect on...

ABS 14 Youth Nationals - Greig Seitz

ABS 14 Youth Nationals - Greig Seitz
March 08, 2013 -  Greig Seitz

Last weekend I competed in my first ABS national competition. This was the first national bouldering competition I had attended. Going into this competition, I knew that it would be a great experience. I also learned about what I need to improve for next year. The qualifying round as well as semi-finals went fairly well. I was trying to conserve as much energy as I could. This strategy seemed to work since I made finals with plenty of skin and energy. The finals problems were amazing. The first boulder problem was a technical slab climb. Every hold...

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