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Preparation for the Speed Competition Season - Edyta Ropek

Preparation for the Speed Competition Season - Edyta Ropek
March 21, 2014 - 

I am exactly one month before the start of the world cup series in speed climbing. I’m finishing phase of the toughest workouts, already thinking about the first starts. The winter time I worked very well, rebuilding muscle mass in the injured leg, so that I could return to normal training. 

Murphy's Law - Andrew Baldwin

Murphy's Law - Andrew Baldwin
July 05, 2013 - 

Our Journey to Mallorca was less than stellar... Sunday 1:00pm My girlfriend (Maddy) and I checked in for our first flight out of Detroit Metro airport. Check in was ok, as was security except my wonderful girl friend (who I love so much) lost my water bottle…oh well. After we got through security we had plenty of time before our flight. Our flight to Chicago was delayed in order to fix the mechanism that supplies oxygen to the cockpit. I guess that’s important. We also had to gate check our bags because the plane was...

Shelf Road, February 2013 - Andre DiFelice

Shelf Road, February 2013 - Andre DiFelice
February 04, 2013 -  Andre DiFelice

Climbing has always been the biggest part of my life. And one of the most important things I've learned from climbing is that too much of anything isn't good. I have also learned that no matter how difficult/hard/crazy life gets, I will always love climbing. Whether I am taking time off, climbing for fun and socializing, or competing in World Cups, rock climbing will always be a part of my life. About a year ago I took a trip to Montreal to work at a climbing gym, Allez up. I was a route setter for the summer. While...

Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC

Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC
August 01, 2012 - 

The fourth victory of Polish athlete on the dam in Daone. Supported by Five Ten Edyta Ropek is the first in the world who made this. During her 9 years starts in the valley, she won 4 gold, and 2 bronze medals! No one else has achieved so much. Speed World Cup in Daone is one of the hardest from the IFSC speed competition calendar.

Summer = Climbing - Eric Sethna

Summer = Climbing - Eric Sethna
July 31, 2012 - 

So much has been going on this summer it’s been hard to keep track of everything: Lots of comps, busy at work, and plenty of training and outdoor climbing.Most recently, I’ve been competing at the Summer Sweat Fests. This competition series is not sanctioned for CEC points, but competitors from across Ontario come out and have their shot at the title and big prize money. Aside from cash and bragging rights, this series serves as an excellent tool to practice my competition mentality. When the beach weather hits and the real rock becomes climbable it can be harder to...

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