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Winter Season

Winter Season
March 12, 2015 -  Zoe Steinberg

I’m not entirely sure where to start this post since I’ve kind of forgotten where I left off in my last one. In the last several months, I’ve competed at the IFSC Youth Pan American Games in Mexico City, my last ABS youth regionals, divisionals, and nationals, four relatively local competitions, and have been on two trips to Chattanooga and one to the new in some attempts to pull on real rock. I’ll try and sum up everything pretty quickly, then try to remember never to fall behind this bad on a blog post so I don’t have to...

University Climbing: A Primer - Patrick Krieger

University Climbing: A Primer - Patrick Krieger
December 16, 2014 -  Patrick Krieger

A 'climber profile' video was released by Princeton Tec of me today, and it highlights just how I feel about the people around me in the climbing community.  

Triple Crown Part 2: Stone Fort! - Francesca Metcalf

Triple Crown Part 2: Stone Fort! - Francesca Metcalf
October 30, 2014 - 

Last weekend was the second leg of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series, which was held at Stone Fort in Chattanooga TN. I like to consider this area my “home-crag” since it is the best and closest bouldering area to me. Unlike Hound Ears, where the last Triple Crown was held and which I only get to climb at once a year if I'm lucky, I know the climbs at Stone Fort pretty well. I was able to take a few weekend trips there this fall, so I had an idea of what climbs I wanted to get on for...

Weekend at LRC - Francesca Metcalf

Weekend at LRC - Francesca Metcalf
February 14, 2014 - 

Recently, I got to get outside and climb at LRC for the first time this year. I went with the climbing club and acted as a guide with two other officers for some new climbers who who had recently joined the club. For many of them it was their first time outside, so it was really exciting showing them around and seeing them experience the challenges and thrills of climbing outside for the first time.

Great Things Happen, When You Don't Expect - Adam Leedy

Great Things Happen, When You Don't Expect - Adam Leedy
January 07, 2014 -  Adam Leedy

Every year I am lucky enough to get to do a tour of some of the greatest climbing in North America as I make the trek from Texas to Kentucky to visit family for the holidays. I make a point to take extra time off of work so I can climb at some of my favorite destinations, mostly around Chattanooga. 2013 has been a rough year for me climbing-wise. I started the year off great by sending my first V5 outside (Zen, Roger's Park, Belton, TX) but soon after I ruptured a pulley in my left...

LRC Triple Crown - Francesca Metcalf

LRC Triple Crown - Francesca Metcalf
November 07, 2013 - 

You know fall is here when Triple Crown season starts. Unfortunately this year, Triple Crown turned into Double Crown when Hound Ears, the first leg of the series, was cancelled. However, this didn't stop us from being just as psyched when the LRC leg came around. I went to Chattanooga with 14 other GT climbing club members on Saturday night, where we got to hang out in Chat, one of my favorite cities. We got in a little warm-up for the morning with some bouldering on the street art, while we strategized for the next day.


Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney

Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney
December 21, 2011 - 
I remember getting bored on my first long road trips. I did my best to...
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