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10 Tips for Creating a Successful Collegiate Climbing Team

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Collegiate Climbing Team
March 30, 2015 -  Josh Levin

March 2014: Staying Motivated - Will Roderick

March 2014: Staying Motivated - Will Roderick
March 29, 2014 -  Will Roderick

I have kept training hard over the past few weeks, and I’ve had the chance to experience a huge variety in setting styles through climbing at the Stanford gym, the Planet Granite gyms, the Touchstone gyms, and the Hangar 18 gyms. The diversity in styles not only has improved my climbing and setting, but also given me a better perspective on climbing more generally. I’m gaining a better appreciation of how to improve and how to help others improve. I’m beginning to recognize more and more the importance of climbing for more than just doing harder and harder climbs....

CCS Nationals - Francesca Metcalf

CCS Nationals - Francesca Metcalf
May 06, 2013 - 

It’s been a pretty busy end of the semester, but finally, I’m finished with finals and able to focus on climbing a bit more. This summer will hopefully be filled with a whole ton of climbing trips and a few competitions in there too. A few weeks ago was CCS Nationals in Melbourne, FL, which was the biggest competition I had done in a few months. This was my second time competing at CCS Nationals, and again, it was probably my favorite competition of the year. This year was even more awesome than last year though because we...

Spring Update - Francesca Metcalf

Spring Update - Francesca Metcalf
May 10, 2012 - 

Summer is finally here, and although that means free time and awesome weather for climbing, it also means a slight brake from bouldering and time for the painful process of building endurance. After bouldering nationals, I felt a little burned out from training, so I took a needed brake to regain some motivation. My first day back afterwards was rough to say the least. I jumped right into rope climbing, since Adult SCS Nationals were in about a week and I was not ready at all. Let’s just say, by the end of the three hour session, I was...

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