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Welcome to Brazil - Benjamin Rueck

Welcome to Brazil - Benjamin Rueck
February 14, 2014 - 

After about a two week rest from Africa, an opportunity to travel down to Brazil arose. Kevin Jorgenson and I were invited to go with adidas to explore and put up new lines. It was an incredible mission to go have a whirl wind experience in three or four climbing areas in South America’s largest country, as well as meet with interesting folks. The answer was fairly simple; “yep, I’ll go!”My bags were packed… I was ready to go… I had that quirky song “Leaving on a jet plane,” on my mind and as I approached the ticket counter...

Urca - Brazil - EscaladaINT

Urca - Brazil - EscaladaINT
November 08, 2012 -  EscaladaINT

One of the most famous and recognizable landscapes in the world, the Pão de Açucar and its cable car are located in Urca, a small neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. A real postcard, surrounded by mountains and bathed by the sea, in the Guanabara bay.This place, much frequented by tourists and city residents, is the most traditional climbing location in Brazil. Counting with three mountains, the Pão de Açucar, the Urca Hill and the Babylon Hill, along with some cliffs and various boulders, the Urca encompasses several styles of climbing, in different levels.Historically, the Urca witnessed the first known...

Climbing at Andradas - EscaladaINT

Climbing at Andradas - EscaladaINT
April 10, 2012 -  EscaladaINT

Climbing at Andradas – South of Minas GeraisNo more than three hours and a half away from Sao Paulo and one hour and forty five minutes from Campinas, there’s a wonderful place to do traditional climbing and even some sport climbing.I’m talking about “Andradas”, or to be precise, “bairro do Pantano”. A real small village where no more than 200 people living there.With almost 100 routes, surrounded with Brazilian wildlife, you can found some monkeys, tucanos (a kind of bird), a lot of birds, some cows and if you’re lucky even a Brazilian wolf (lobo guará).You are going to...

Itatim - Brazil - EscaladaINT

Itatim - Brazil - EscaladaINT
February 06, 2012 -  EscaladaINT

The city of Itatim is in the countryside of Bahia state, 200 km from its capital, Salvador - northeastern Brazil.Unlike other places in Brazil, where sport climbing has been around for many years, in Itatim this high performance sport is new, and is evolving in a remarkable way, as new climbing areas are discovered and new routes are opened every weekend. In the beginning there were only a few short and long routes (most of these with no repetition), but now this is changing.

Serra do Cipo-Brazil - EscaladaINT

Serra do Cipo-Brazil - EscaladaINT
January 16, 2012 -  EscaladaINT

With exuberant nature, a beautiful river with dark ice cold waters and rock formations of outstanding beauty, the area known as "Serra do Cipó" attracts tourists from around the world. This small town, located 60 miles from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil has a hot rainy summer and a dry warm winter, ideal season for climbing. Besides the large limestone formations of up to 200 feet tall, it's easy to find waterfalls and canyons, which attracts more practitioners of outdoor sports such as basejumpers, canyoneers, cyclists, parachutists, and more.

BRAZIL - EscaladaINT

BRAZIL - EscaladaINT
December 06, 2011 -  EscaladaINT

"We live in Brazil and we've been climbing for ten years. We run the EscaladaINT website, in which we present the latest news in the brazilian climbing scene. Our goal is to spread climbing and motivate more and more the practice of this sport in our country. To do so, we search and produce quality material to be published in our website (videos, photos, online magazines, event releases, new climbing crags, among others).Now, with the partnership with Five Ten, we plan on posting weekly updates about the brazilian crags, disclosing our country's climbing scene to the world.We hope you'll...

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