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The Toymaker PEÑOLES 2013-2014 - Diego Lopez Montull

The Toymaker PEÑOLES 2013-2014 - Diego Lopez Montull
March 08, 2014 - 

Going to Peñoles always gets me motivated because it's safe to say that it's one of the places I've been going to the most, and the amount of projects accumulating grows. Each year more and more people show up and it looks like this year won't be the exception. A lot of climbers, many of which are very good friends, have plans for coming. You could say this area was my high school and university, to which I've put a lot of time and effort into.

Halloween Boulder Session in the Witches' Village - Alessandro Penna

Halloween Boulder Session in the Witches' Village - Alessandro Penna
November 04, 2013 -  Alessandro Penna

Finally, three days off work! We have a look at the weather forecasts and we finally choose the only sunny place in Italy.. Triora, the witches' village! I've been there climbing so many years ago that I actually didn't remember so well the boulder quality of many lines.... but it has been brought back to life with the new Varazze bouldering guidebook by Christian Core, so I decide to have a new exploration to this area. The spot is so and so, in a dry riverbed, with a lot of vegetation... but the rock is so smooth, some...

The Ghost Ship 8B+/V14 FA in Champorcher - Niccolò Ceria

The Ghost Ship 8B+/V14 FA in Champorcher - Niccolò Ceria
May 28, 2013 -  Niccolò Ceria

The arrival of spring is often associated with hard times to climb in good bouldering spots like Ticino and many others. For April, May and June I think there are still good areas where it is possible to climb with cold and to keep the motivation high to bear the summer's arrival in the lower lands. For this season, the spots where I would have liked to go were Val Bavona, Barbara refuge, Fionnay and Champorcher.As always happen, it is really hard visiting all these places before the vernal temperature becomes summer. So I opted to climb in two...

"The Crackline" 8B and "Tai Lung" 8A+ - Niccolò Ceria

"The Crackline" 8B and "Tai Lung" 8A+ - Niccolò Ceria
March 06, 2013 -  Niccolò Ceria

Hi! As I previously wrote on February the 10th, these last weeks has been set for a period of Pan gullich and it was fine devoting twice per week to this kind of training which is probably my favorite one. With the new holds assembled at the end of January, I can train more campus moves than in the previous sessions, In fact I was motivated to start. I usually did eight exercises for each session using four different holds. Every exercises was repeated for three times for each arms, resting 30 seconds for the change of arm. Between...

Mithril and the Beginning of a New Year - Niccolò Ceria

Mithril and the Beginning of a New Year - Niccolò Ceria
January 09, 2013 -  Niccolò Ceria

Hi everybody! After this period of festivity I write a blogspot to tell about Mithril and new projects which I would like to try during this winter, although the temperatures in these days seem more like vernal. The fall in Ticino was really empty of successes concerning my goals set at the end of the summer, but the year ended beautifully for me. After the lines climbed in Varazze and in Donnas I came back once to Cresciano to find a project to work. This was Mithril, a little roof just below “la prou”, opened by Dave Graham years...

Monster Mash - Nicholas Milburn

Monster Mash - Nicholas Milburn
November 08, 2012 - 

It's that time of year again. Halloween, candy for all, tummy aches, sugar rush and ROCK CLIMBING! My gym, Stone Moves, held its second ever Monster Mash comp. How often do you get to dress up in costume an rock climb? Well, I guess you could do it all the time, but this way you won't look like a fool. Some of the best costumes I saw were the Sand Bagger and Campusing. I dressed up as Five Ten and shaved my head in an interesting pattern to give my costume a bit of a boost. Most...


Murgtal in a Day - Niccolò Ceria

Murgtal in a Day - Niccolò Ceria
October 29, 2012 -  Niccolò Ceria
Hi, I want to dedicate a paragraph to tell about an incredible and great day...

Moody April Climbing Report - Martina Cufar

Moody April Climbing Report - Martina Cufar
April 30, 2012 - 
29th of April: The weather wasn't very gentle with us, the rock climbers during last...

Back in Boulder - Ben Spannuth

Back in Boulder - Ben Spannuth
February 27, 2012 - 
Being back in Boulder has been great. No matter how long I leave for...
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