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Finding the Place of Happiness... Tudo Bem - Benjamin Rueck

Finding the Place of Happiness... Tudo Bem - Benjamin Rueck
June 29, 2014 -  Benjamin Rueck

Tudo Bem... a Portugese expression that roughly translates into... "It's all good". Hanging in my harness 2,000 feet above the earthen floor; I clicked my headlamp off and immersed myself into the blackness. I was afraid and alone; I watched my climbing partner (Mayan) descend into the dark to go find a set of rappel anchors. A storm cloud approached and as I tried to see the last of stars before they were eaten by the encroaching darkness, I felt worry. Thoughts crept into my mind about the last 15...

The year - Mason Earle

The year - Mason Earle
February 12, 2013 - 

Its probably a bit late for a 2012 recap, but with most of North America still in the grip of winter, I figured those of us who live in snowy states need a reminder of what it is like to climb in a t-shirt! 

Heading into Yosemite - Steve Richert

Heading into Yosemite - Steve Richert
May 30, 2012 -  Steve Richert

I first visited Yosemite Valley in 2008 on the tail end of my first climbing trip--which ended with Stefanie and I getting married in San Diego. It was my first ride through the valley and I was still green as a climber, so I could accept the chills that shot down my spine when I looked up into the cold stone face of El Capitan and imagined what it would be like to be adrift on that sea of granite.

Kids With Guns - Mason Earle

Kids With Guns - Mason Earle
March 02, 2012 - 

I've just returned to the good ol' USA from a wild and overhanging bigwall adventure in the Venezuelan jungle. It was a crazy trip full of machetes, hunger, and whippers. As I write this, I am about 3 Thin Mints away from killing a box of girl scout cookies. God Bless America.

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