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The Warm Heart - Benjamin Rueck

The Warm Heart - Benjamin Rueck
January 03, 2014 - 

I chose to wait a little before I wrote the ending of Malawi. I apologize for what I feel was something that got dragged out a little bit; but I wanted to wait for a few reasons. One was so that I could link the product of our filming to the ending of this adventure; but there was another reason…. I just wanted to sort out the experience. This was not just simply another we came, we saw, we climbed. There was much more.As climbers we explore the world in a different way. We...

Afrcan Chronicles Installment 3 - Benjamin Rueck

Afrcan Chronicles Installment 3 - Benjamin Rueck
October 24, 2013 - 

Where did we leave off? Ah… yes… Melissa and I had just left Lilongwe toward the second bouldering zone. The sun had fallen beneath the horizon. I was driving in the middle of nowhere and as I was becoming hypnotized and settled by the darkness, reality came back to haunt me.What is that little light? Ah.. that would be the fuel indicator… telling me I am out of it. My stomach dropped. I really didn’t know where we were, but I did know that we were at least another hour...

The African Chronicles Days 2-12 - Ben Rueck

The African Chronicles Days 2-12 - Ben Rueck
September 12, 2013 - 

How did I wind up in this situation… did I not plan correctly? I did things correctly. It has been 5 days and there are still no clothes. Not even a phone call telling me my bags have arrived.As the scene unfolds… I am sitting in a shower huddled over with a bar of soap scrubbing a white t-shirt as carefully as I can to get all the dirt and ash stains out. On the right hand side of me is a bucket of boiling water that was generously made by fire… due to the fact that hot water...

The African Chronicles... Day 1 - Benjamin Rueck

The African Chronicles... Day 1 - Benjamin Rueck
August 20, 2013 - 

A lot happens within a day. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes ugly.Where are my bags?– *WHIRRL CLICK*Was that the conveyor belt stopping? No way… this is about to happen isn’t it? I managed to make it through three different airline flights, bus and train rides to lose my bags on the last one? Oh look someone I can ask!

This is Africa Part Two - Sasha DiGiulian

This is Africa Part Two - Sasha DiGiulian
July 31, 2013 - 

Following my first two weeks climbing in Waterfall Boven and exploring areas in and around Johannesburg, South Africa, including Kruger National Park, Arjan, Keith, and I flew to Cape Town for the third week of our South Africa tour. Cape Town is easily one of, if not THE, most beautiful cities I have ever been to. 

This is Africa! - Sasha DiGiulian

This is Africa! - Sasha DiGiulian
July 25, 2013 - 

First time, love at first sight! Africa is exotic, welcoming, and free. I feel so fortunate to be able to travel here and I am so appreciative to everyone making my trip so great!On July 2 I traveled to Johannesburg with 3StringsProductions - Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann and Arjan de Kock of South Africa. Our agenda was to climb at Waterfall Bovcn – South Africa’s gem for sport climbing. This climbing location is easily world class. Located outside of JoBurg, the landscape is filled with rolling hills, trickling mountain streams, and immense cliff faces. The rock is a...

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