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Silk Road Adventures - Bernd Zangerl

Silk Road Adventures - Bernd Zangerl
November 23, 2013 - 

The ancient Silk Road was the means of transportation for goods from India and China to Europe. Vice versa, I wanted to transport my crashpads from Flirsch to India along this road.Of course, spotting potential boulder areas is always on my mind, but equally important on this trip was to experience the lives of the Central Asian people and the wealthy history of the region. To travel with two crashpads and a heavy backpack through regions of the world where no one has ever heard of bouldering brings its own advantages: wherever I went people were curious to know...

Mallorca Final Week - Andrew Baldwin

Mallorca Final Week - Andrew Baldwin
September 12, 2013 - 

Wednesday July 24th - Preparations are Being MadeI awoke to the sun beating down on my face through the window. There was silence throughout the house. No sounds of Alison making coffee and no sounds of Felix narrating his life. It was just Madeline and I. As sad as it was to have them both gone, It was nice to have a quite house. Maddy soon woke up after me and we went to make breakfast. With the smell of bacon cooking in the air, I sat at the kitchen table eating toast with my eyes deep in the...

Mallorca Week Three, Part Two - Andrew Baldwin

Mallorca Week Three, Part Two - Andrew Baldwin
August 18, 2013 - 

Thursday July 18th - Hard work pays off We awoke to yet another gorgeous day here. The wind was blowing, the birds were chirping, and the guidebook is sitting out on the table. Time was starting to run out for our friends Alison and Felix. In less than a week they would be leaving and headed back to the states. We had to start picking wisely the places to which we would be going for these next few days. We wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to do what they had in mind for the remainder of...

Mallorca Week Three, Part One - Andrew Baldwin

Mallorca Week Three, Part One - Andrew Baldwin
July 24, 2013 - 

Sunday July 14th - Back to Puig de Garrafa.Week three. We were starting to get accustomed to this lifestyle. It was all I’ve ever wanted. Living in a small home with good friends, eating amazing food, and spending our days climbing. I could do this for a while. Two weeks were behind us though and as much as we hated the idea of it, time was moving fast. We were basically halfway through our trip already. It was time to get moving.Over our typical bountiful breakfast of toast and yogurt, we talked about where we’d go for the day....

Mallorca Week Two, Part Two - Andrew Baldwin

Mallorca Week Two, Part Two - Andrew Baldwin
July 21, 2013 - 

Thursday July 11th - Tufas, mas tufas!Today marked the day on which we’d be traveling to our most anticipated crag of Mallorca. Alaro. This crag looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The walls, looked as if they have been melting slowly for thousands of years. Maybe they have, I’m no geologist. I just climb the rocks. It seemed, other worldly. I’d read in the guide book and heard in movies, that this crag boasted some of the best tufa lines in the world. Everything was world class. Nestled in the mountains backing the town of Alaro, we began...

Mallorca Week Two, Part One - Andrew Baldwin

Mallorca Week Two, Part One - Andrew Baldwin
July 18, 2013 - 

Sunday July 7th - I feel like I’m finally climbing in SpainFor the past few days, we’d all been searching through the guide book front to back. Getting ideas for where to go next. I turned the page and saw a picture that instantly made us want to go. A tall white and orange wall with water grooves, caves, and tufas at the top. Oh man, it looked sweet. We jumped in the car and headed to Puig de Garaffa.


Mallorca Week One - Andrew Baldwin

Mallorca Week One - Andrew Baldwin
July 11, 2013 - 
This first week in Mallorca has been perfect. The scenery, culture, food, wine and climbing...

Murphy's Law - Andrew Baldwin

Murphy's Law - Andrew Baldwin
July 05, 2013 - 
Our Journey to Mallorca was less than stellar... Sunday 1:00pm My girlfriend (Maddy)...

Start of a Dream Trip - Andrew Baldwin

Start of a Dream Trip - Andrew Baldwin
July 01, 2013 - 
Finally leaving for Mallorca, Spain today! After 5 months of planning and preparation this trip...
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