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Summer Sweat Fest Finale 2012 - Eric Sethna

Summer Sweat Fest Finale 2012 - Eric Sethna
October 11, 2012 - 

Hello again! The 2011/2012 competition season has finally come to a close – just in time for the first Tour de Bloc of season 10! The Summer Sweat Fest season wrapped up with the finale at True North Climbing a few weeks ago. I had been looking forward to the comp for weeks after having a ton of fun at last year’s finale event. The setters and organizers also had surprises up their sleeve for the comp format this year, which both excited and intimidated me. I managed to win all the Sweat Fest comps...

Some Tripping - Kuutti Huhtikorpi

Some Tripping - Kuutti Huhtikorpi
August 17, 2012 -  Kuutti Huhtikorpi

Hello! It's been a "while" since my last post... Last summer I went to Rocklands and climbed a bunch of amazing stuff there. For examle Blackshadow, Shosholoza, Macho King, Amphiteater, to mention some of the ones I liked most. This summer I had a trip in Europe. First I visited Magic Wood. I felt really strong, but wasn't able to climb any of my projects. I was close to send One summer in Paradise at my last day, but hand slipped on the very last move. I would like to blame the hot...

2012 Bouldering Nationals - Greg Padovani

2012 Bouldering Nationals - Greg Padovani
March 02, 2012 -  Greg Padovani

Overall, from fit to finish, I felt pretty good this weekend. I could tell right when I landed that I was at a significant disadvantage due to the change in altitude - I was winded walking off the plane. I tried my friend’s trick of doing some sprints immediately after landing, but it is hard to tell if it helped. I proceeded to follow a high water and lower protein diet for the day preceding the comp to help my body acclimate to the altitude.

Eric Sethna at ABS Nationals

Eric Sethna at ABS Nationals
February 28, 2012 - 

I've just returned home from my trip to Colorado Springs for ABS Nationals! After watching videos of the ABS 12 last year, I was super inspired and was able to fit this competition in this year. This was my first time competing in any ABS competition. I've made it to a couple of the UBC Pro Tour stops but the strength of the field at this national championship was insane!

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