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Isaac Caldiero escapes the Heat in Joe's Valley

Isaac Caldiero escapes the Heat in Joe's Valley
July 23, 2010 -  Isaac Caldiero    

OHHH the heat is here in full effect, and there is not much you can do but run to the shade and search for the wind!  With little storm fronts blowing in every other weekend, it has been feasible to get some great climbing in due to the cold fronts.  First mission was to Joe's Valley.


I had not been to Joe's in almost a year for all last year I was consumed by the European assault.  A lot of recent development has gone down over the past year I was just had to check it out, all of it in only two big days.  After burning through nearly 20 new problems ranging from v5 to v11,  as well as some old classics, I found myself fairly up to date with the last years development in Joe's.  Apart from a couple grade changes I walked away completely satisfied with my two day binge at Joe's.

2nd Mission was to have a blast from the past, I'm talking Flagstaff Arizona.  Steep roof climbing madness!!  It has been nearly 8 years since I first placed foot into the infamous Priest Draw, and boy am I sad about that.  I completely love that style of climbing along with the beautiful scenery, and not to mention one of the few areas in the states with proper temperatures in the midst of the summer blaze.  A quick reunion with the Draw and it was time to check out all the other similar hidden gems of the area.  Sandstone was next on the menu, Kelly's Canyon to be exact!  A small collection of very good quality blocs buried deep in the forest.  A little breeze and some motivated individuals was all I needed to have a successful time.  One of the more memorable moments was my ground up flash ascent of a majestic boulder problem named Pressure Drop.  Although weighing in at V7, this highball in particular was not such an easy one to reckon with.  Luckily I had the full beta spray down and a good grip of pads to ease the mind when throwing an extremely insecure heelhook at the lip of this massive beast.  Once I powered through the middle crux and made way with techy top out, I returned safely to the ground.


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