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Tahnée Seagrave Returns from 2nd Round of Coupe de France

Tahnée Seagrave Returns from 2nd Round of Coupe de France
Tahnée Seagrave Returns from 2nd Round of Coupe de France
Tahnée Seagrave Returns from 2nd Round of Coupe de France
July 06, 2010 -  Tahnée Seagrave    

What a weekend! Tahnée has just returned from the 2nd Round of the 'Coupe de France' in Super-Besse and is now on her way to the Sprint Avalanche in Oz-en-Oisans.


The course here in Super-Besse was 'to be admired'. Mainly off-camber to flat-section to loose rocks to large river gap to steep off-camber to road gap to woods with rock jumps kind of weird, but then kind of worked and got super fast as the weekend went on. The weather also played its part raining, shining, thunderstoms... with these weather changes its unfortunate that Tahnée is the only girl in the top 10 who is not allowed extra training.

Friday practice for Tahnée started off in the worse way possible... the track gathered speed way more than Tahnée thought it would and second corner first run she had a crash... a big one! Smashed bike and smashed shoulder, we were pitting with Julien Camellini from Team for the weekend and he said to take it easy and build the speed over the weekend!! Tahnée was stressing as we fixed up her bike and off she went for the last 20 mins of morning practice.

Taking things a little easier, she kept avoiding the large River gap that no other girls were jumping - thinking it would be better to stay in one piece for the rest of training!

Saturday morning and everything was back in working order, her shoulder was sore but nothing that was going to stop her - first run and it was time to hit the river gap only 2 elite women were jumping it but Tahnée was towed in by her club mate Alex Lohner and sent it!

Qualify late Saturday went well with Tahnée taking first, then current European Junior Champion - Fanny Lombard - in second and Sandra Reynier in 3rd.

Tahnée says: "After my crash on Friday, my back was annoying me all weekend and to be honest I did not have a 'feel' for the track, a few bits were good and I knew that if i nailed the big jumps and the steep section - kept it upright - I could do well. I was quite surprised to see some of the world cup girls not jumping. On Saturday I was stoked to have qualified first but I then felt nervous for Sunday. It rained over night and I started my final run all over the place, hitting rocks and going off line and then in the woods I hit a tree, pulled my bike out and jumped back on... 2nd in Junior Girls and 5th in Elite Women - actually a bit gutted but its only my 2nd National and its getting better! With the World Cup coming up, all weekend people were asking me about riding Champery... and if I would help them over the river jump!"


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