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Mayan Smith-Gobat's Race to the Top

Mayan Smith-Gobat's Race to the Top
June 23, 2010 -  Mayan Smith-Gobat    

I am currently in Singapore competing in the first ever race up a high-rise bulding facade. This event, taking place June 23, is part of the opening ceremony of the multi-billion dollar Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. I am one of 21 climbers selected from all over the World to compete in this event. -Mayan Smith-Gobat


Singapore (21 June, 2010) – On June 23 2010, twenty one professional climbers will embark on a first of its kind challenge to scale the world‟s newest architectural icon, Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore as part of its Opening Celebration festivities.

The World Championship Climb to the Sands SkyPark will feature renowned climbers from around the globe who will scale the facades of the three interlinked 55-story hotel towers, to the SkyPark on the 57th floor.

This first-ever building climbing championship is a speed climbing competition executed in the form of a team relay. Each team must scale the three 55-story hotel towers at a height of 200 meters in succession, followed by a dramatic finish line sprint across 340 meters of the Sands SkyPark where live TV cameras and news media await the winners.

The seven teams are made up of three climbers, with each team comprising one female and two male climbers. The climbers, which represent seven different regions and over ten countries around the world including Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam and the United Kingdom, are all world-class professional climbers.

“The World Championship Climb to the Sand‟s SkyPark is the first climb race of its kind and it will be a spectacular competition witnessed „live‟ by audiences in Singapore and around the world. We are delighted to bring this once-in-a lifetime experience to our guests and visitors during the opening celebration of Marina Bay Sands,” said Mr. Thomas Arasi, President and CEO of Marina Bay Sands.

“Preparations are well underway for the first-ever 2010 World Championship Climb to the Sands SkyPark and we are expecting a nail-biting race to the finish line. This speed race to climb the breathtaking Marina Bay Sands Hotel towers will showcase the courage and skills of some of the fastest and most experienced climbers in the world,” Dr. Omer Mei-Dan, Executive Producer of World Championship Climb To The Sands SkyPark.

Immediately after the competition, eight sky divers will leap off a helicopter and expertly maneuver their canopies between three gates formed by helium hoisted giant balloons above the Sands SkyPark. Their descent will see them “fly” through the balloon gates, over the Sands Expo and Convention Center towards the event plaza and into Marina Bay to signify the conclusion of the competition and commencement of the evening‟s entertainment.

From the Marina Bay Sands website


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