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Jon Cardwell heads back to Boulder

Jon Cardwell heads back to Boulder
Jon Cardwell heads back to Boulder
Jon Cardwell heads back to Boulder
Jon Cardwell heads back to Boulder
Jon Cardwell heads back to Boulder
Jon Cardwell heads back to Boulder
Jon Cardwell heads back to Boulder
June 22, 2010 -  Five Ten    

The last time I posted something I was leaving Europe, the end of an ERA.  It was sad but with all good things, they must come to an end.  3 plane flights and a short drive later I was in Boulder, Colorado.


It's been a long time since I have been in Boulder, one year in fact...when I departed for France!  This place is perfect for climbing and I will be here for most of the summer.  The hand has been on a healthy healing streak, enough so that I have been able to resume climbing again. I take extra care everyday to make sure I'm warmed up well and that I'm not pushing it on certain moves.

Other than that I have been feeling normal!  It took about a week to feel ok bouldering again.  I have to say one year only route climbing ending with nearly 2 months rest definitely saps the power!  However, with most climbing, everything comes down to your motivation and lately I have been very psyched.

The last few days I took a break from the gym to check out the good ol' classic RMNP.  I haven't been up there in almost a year and even last year was only a one day visit.  I went directly to one of my old projects, Don't get too Greedy V13, and with the added motivation managed to pull it off in a couple go's!  The next day the skin was trashed but we decided to head up anyway.  I had a quick session on the new boulder Top Notch V13.  This is definitely a different standard for the park, in terms of quality and difficulty.  I was very impressed with Ty's work, as he was the first to unlock the sequence and send.  The problem begins with one very powerful move on a bad undercling and ends with some small edges and a jump.  I worked out a sequence but was tried from the day before.

Yesterday, after a well deserved rest day, I returned and after about an hour of work managed to stick the first move and take it to the top!  So... summer has only begun and there is always more than enough projects to try. Video of both problems coming soon.  More to come!


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