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Francesca Metcalf catches us up on summer climbing and the Teva Games!

Francesca Metcalf catches us up on summer climbing and the Teva Games!
Francesca Metcalf catches us up on summer climbing and the Teva Games!
June 18, 2010 -  Francesca Metcalf    

The last two weekends were exciting ones for me.  After my last day of school on Friday, my family and I went to Philly for youth rope divisionals.   My little sister’s eighth grade graduation was on Friday so we didn’t get to Philly until about three in the morning. The next morning, being a little sleep deprived, I freaked out because I didn’t have my bib number (which you don’t need at divisionals). In qualifiers I was the only one in both A and Jr. to flash both of the routes and I won in speed as well. Finals went much the same.


Although the walls weren’t very high I was still surprised that I had decent endurance because I had just been training for bouldering pretty much all year.  Now, unfortunately, bouldering season is over for me (for a little while) and I have to officially switch gears to ropes. I’ll be training with Claudiu in Atlanta for that for the next few weeks before we head over to nationals.

The weekend before was the Teva Games in Vail, which was probably my favorite competition I’ve ever competed in. It was one of my first bouldering world cups and just being able to climb with some of the top climbers in the world was, although very intimidating at times, incredible. Every country has its own style of climbing and different ways of getting ready to climb and it was interesting to be able to see all of the differences.

I placed 12th in both qualifiers and semifinals, so I didn’t make it to finals but I really can’t complain at all about my place. Despite the high altitude, I felt pretty strong the whole time. All of the climbs had weird, funky sequences which made them much different than any other problems I’ve done competitions before (other than the Teva Games last year).  Every one of them focused on a specific strength, like slabs or compression, or mantles, so the competition really found the best all around climber.

We had a lot of free time during the four days we were in Vail and we spent most of that time watching the other sports that were being held there. For anyone who wants to go check the Teva Games out next year, DO NOT miss out on the dog jumping, it’s almost cooler than climbing. Finals were also incredible to watch. Of course I was dying the whole time to be there and try the problems myself, but watching was almost as fun. The energy of the crowd was insane, which is understandable because those finalists are so strong. Congrats to all of them!


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